Different Types Of Companies You Can Work For As An EMT

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  • A myriad of opportunities exist for EMTs, some which are not well known. Aside from just working for ambulance services, which are the largest employers, other companies employ EMTs as well. For you to understand the full spectrum of organizations, an investigation is in order.

     Ambulance services

    Ambulance services are the most well known employers of EMTs. These companies range from small companies, with perhaps two ambulances, to large organizations with 50 or more ambulances. Ambulance companies normally operate in large urban centers, however, some service rural and remote areas as well. For example, 911 Industrial Response Inc., a Calgary ambulance service, operates in northern Canada and the Yukon.

    Sports Facilities

    Most large sports facilities have an urgent care clinic right inside the complex. For example, football is an injury-prone sport. For this reason, EMTs are on standby during games. If a player is injured, he is taken to the clinic for stabilization and evaluation for hospitalization. If you wish to delve into this further, contact the human resources department of various teams for further information.

    Urgent Care Clinics

    An alternative to hospital emergency rooms is urgent care clinics, sometimes referred to as "walk-in clinics." These clinics utilize EMTs, and are local, community based organizations. This is a plus to a person needing urgent care, since the clinic is close by but the hospital may be miles away. EMTs in urgent care clinics see a variety of injuries and illnesses, from a broken finger to a stroke.  If you’re looking into working at a clinic, talk to professionals who work at clinics to find out what the pros-and-cons are.

    Private International Security Companies

    Private Security Companies offer bodyguard services for heads of state and high ranking executives. While this is not well known, large security companies are almost like private armies, having their own "in-house" rescue squad. EMTs are almost like battlefield medics, able to respond to an emergency at a moment’s notice. These companies usually prefer to hire EMTs who have military experience.

     By now, you realize that ambulance services are actually a very small part of the whole picture. A variety of companies employ EMTs in various capacities. Furthermore, fire departments and rescue squads always require EMTs on the staff. If you wish to specialize in a niche field, talk to those that work in the field. By asking questions and being astute, you will gain insight on what each company or industry group have to offer.

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