Do Job Recruiters Favor Larger Colleges?

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  • There are countless different facets that go into choosing the right college. From what your friends and family have in mind, to the job prospects available after, picking a school can be a difficult decision. Some people enjoy the more personal atmosphere of a small school, while others are thrilled by the countless options and activities available at a larger university. There are various reasons that both small and large schools make sense, but you may want to think more about attending a larger college if your goal is to land a job with a major company right after graduation.

    While there are some arguments that can be made for both sides of the story, here are three reasons why a number of job recruiters favor larger colleges:

    Smaller Colleges Provide Fewer Potential Applicants

    One of the most important reasons why many job recruiters prefer larger colleges is the fact that they offer a bigger selection pool when it comes to potential hires. Large businesses use some of the same criteria to select recruitment locations that students use when choosing a college, including the variety of students there. While small, private universities may send hundreds of new employees out each year, larger colleges and state universities will have thousands, if not tens of thousands, of graduates. This is important because it allows the recruiters to focus their efforts in a more centralized location – ten large schools are less time-consuming and more cost-effective to recruit through than hundreds of smaller ones.

    Larger Colleges Provide More Partnership Opportunities

    Another of the reasons that a number of job recruiters opt to work with larger colleges in order to procure new workers is because there are more relationship-building partnership opportunities available. Whether it is sponsoring a sporting department, joining forces for a student-focused competition or sponsoring a specific program or research project, larger colleges offer more chances for these recruiters to keep their companies in the limelight and in the forefront of future graduates’ minds.

    Another common partnership is seen through the marketing of internships to a larger college’s student body. Although filling up the corporate roster with qualified interns may be difficult in a smaller school, having a long-term working relationship with a large university is nearly a sure-fire way for these recruiters to successfully execute their intern program recruitment.

    Smaller Colleges Offer A Small Selection Of Majors

    More often than not, smaller colleges have a more focused selection of majors and areas of study. Even though this can frequently mean a more in-depth and comprehensive approach to education for graduates, it doesn’t fulfil all of the needs that a substantially-sized business has when it comes to recruiting new employees. Large companies have a large number of positions to fill, and these often span across a wide range of areas from accounting to human resources and even technology and science-based research and development. By working with larger colleges, job recruiters are able to take advantage of a vast array of degree programs to be able to hire employees for all of their positions without trekking from one specialized school to another.

    Simply landing a job right after college should not be the only factor you consider when choosing your college, but it needs to be an important one. Colleges of varying sizes each offer their own advantages and disadvantages, but it is no secret that job recruiters commonly focus more on schools with a greater level of enrollment. Before making the leap into a new school, consider your long-term goals and career needs, and make a decision based on how well your schooling choices will help you reach your dreams.

    Edd Rennolls works as an HR recruiter helping startups use platforms like to find the best employees. Edd enjoys sharing his experience and helping others get started in the business world.

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