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Easy Dorm Room Recipes for Back to School

easy dorm room recipes

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  • Going back to college for another semester is exciting, but it also makes every student wonder what they’ll eat every day.

    Even if you get an on-campus meal plan, you’ll likely make quite a few meals in your dorm room.

    Some nights you won’t be able to take a study break to walk to the cafeteria or you might prefer to skip the crowds and stay in your room.

    When that happens, you can try these easy dorm room recipes that are perfect for going back to school. You can make these with limited ingredients that work with even the tightest budget, so you’ll always have a variety of tasty options for every meal.

    1. 90-Second Microwave Oatmeal

    Oatmeal packets are more expensive than a container of old fashioned oats, but you can still microwave your breakfast with this easy 90-second oatmeal recipe. Add milk and cook it until you get the consistency you like. Don’t forget to add classic flavors like cinnamon and sugar.

    2. Instant Mac in a Mug

    Mac and cheese is one of the ultimate college staple foods. When you get tired of powdered cheese packets, make your mac in a mug instead. Top your pasta and water with all your favorite shredded cheese and you’ll have a tasty meal in just a few minutes that won’t leave you with a sink full of dirty dishes. Your roommates will thank you.

    3. Yogurt and Berry Parfait

    Yogurt is a healthy way to take care of your body and fill up on protein so you’re less hungry during classes. Buy a bulk bag of frozen berries for just a few dollars and you’ll have everything you need for weeks of yogurt berry parfait snacks.

    4. No-Bake Granola Bars

    Campus convenience stores sell granola bars at much higher prices than the grocery store. Make yourself a healthier version instead with this no-bake recipe. Mix the long-lasting ingredients and store your granola bars in the fridge for a week’s worth of snacks you can eat on your way to class.

    5. Vegan Burrito Bowl

    Vegans can jump on board the quick college recipe train by whipping up vegan burrito bowls. Buy a package of pre-made rice and cans of black beans, corn and tomatoes. Top the whole thing with slices of avocado and Greek dressing for a tasty meal.

    6. Quick Avocado Crackers

    There never seems to be enough time in the day for classes, homework and socializing, but these avocado crackers will fit into any schedule. They’re a healthy alternative to highly-processed snacks at the store, so you’ll fuel your body with the nutrients it needs to ace this semester.

    7. Blueberry Streusel Mug Muffin

    Bakers on a budget will love making blueberry streusel muffins in the microwave. With minimal ingredients, you’ll have a fluffy muffin topped with sweet streusel goodness that will banish school stress in one bite.

    8. Late-Night Cheese Quesadillas

    You’re studying past midnight and your stomach growls, but your roommates are asleep. Instead of making noise in the kitchen, you can microwave a few late-night cheese quesadillas. They’re a no-mess recipe that anyone can make. Plus, they’re easy to personalize with canned chicken, hot sauce or even sour cream.

    9. English Muffin Pizzas

    Your love for pizza is strong, but your budget is stronger. Skip the expensive delivery fees and make English muffin pizzas in your dorm room. After one shopping trip, you’ll have the ingredients to make these mini pizzas throughout the week. Enjoy getting creative with your tiny toppings, like black olives or crumbled bacon bits.

    10. Turkey Ramen Noodle Salad

    Use your next packet of Ramen noodles differently when you make this turkey and ramen salad. If you can chop up deli turkey and combine it with crunched dry Ramen pasta and the right seasonings, you’ll have a delicious bowl of food when you want something to munch on.

    11. Hearty Black Bean Quesadillas

    The quesadilla returns, but this time with more protein and corn. Cans of black beans and corn usually sell for under a dollar, so drain them and throw them into a quesadilla with some cheese. It’s a warm meal that’s perfect for celebrating the end of a long day in class.

    12. Easy Chili Pasta

    When you have a few minutes to cook, you can make this easy chili pasta even if this is your first time cooking for yourself in the kitchen. Want to make this recipe even easier? Buy pre-made pasta and a can of chili sauce for an instant meal that will taste like home.

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    13. Bowties and Broccoli

    Steam a bag of frozen broccoli in the microwave and boil bowtie pasta for this parmesan-inspired meal. Add some cooked ground or sliced sausage for extra protein and a kick in flavor.

    Assess Your Grocery Budget

    These easy dorm room recipes for going back to school are simple to make even during your busiest semesters, but you’ll need to assess your grocery budget to determine what you can buy. After you bring the ingredients home, you’ll amaze your roommates and friends with how much food you can make without stopping by the cafeteria.

    Image Credit: easy dorm room recipes by Pixabay

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