Easy Ways to Improve English Writing Skills

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  • As students learn ESL, it’s important that a strong foundation is developed to ensure that future experiences can build upon it. ESL students must also learn how to read and write in English in order to move on to a fulfilling career and future. While students can expect instructors to teach reading and writing skills, many of the necessary tasks must be learned through practice and self-motivation.

    When students are struggling with writing in English, they can quickly become discouraged and give up on English instruction. Without quality writing skills, it’s difficult to move on to a certification course that can make a difference in the future earning potential and job satisfaction of the student.

    As students often practice writing on their own, there are a few simple ways any individual can improve their English writing skills – learn more at Computer Systems Institute ESL Academy.

    Upgrading Vocabulary

    Vocabulary is an important part of being a good writer, and many non-native English speakers lack in this area simply because they don’t have the experience necessary for a strong vocabulary. Good writing involves diving beneath the surface vocabulary and coming up with words that express ideas more efficiently and dramatically.

    A thesaurus is the perfect tool to help students vary their vocabulary, and can also be helpful in providing definitions for words that are misunderstood. While a thesaurus should always be cross-referenced with a dictionary, it can also provide a variety of words that diversify a writing piece and make it more interesting.

    Identify Strengths and Weaknesses

    All students have strengths, and all students have weaknesses. Identifying them early can mean the difference between success and frustration. Students should focus closely on mistakes that are commonly made, and work on ways to improve those mistakes. 

    For example, a student that regularly mixes up articles should focus on grammar, while a student whose writing lacks imagination may want to focus on eliciting emotion through writing. Student should focus on work that has been corrected by an instructor or teacher to determine what weaknesses and strengths they have.

    Read Out Loud

    While a student’s writing may look great on paper, the best way to tell if it reads well is to have another individual read it out loud. When the student reads the piece on their own, they may add words and phrases that aren’t really there in order to make sense. Having another person read a written piece ensures that every sentence flows nicely and makes sense. 

    Non-native English speakers can benefit from having a native English speaker read through any written piece before it is submitted or finished. This is a great way to catch small mistakes in grammar and tenses, check writing rhythm, and identify problematic transitions between ideas.

    During the reading, students should pause and make any corrections to the work immediately, in order to ensure that nothing is forgotten.

    Spell in Reverse

    Although computers are great tools for identifying spelling errors, they’re not foolproof. Students can benefit from checking spelling in reverse, and reading a sentence from end to beginning. This helps identify any incorrect spellings.

    Better Proficiency and Writing Skills

    Writing can seem like an intimidating process, even for the most proficient English speakers. A solid foundation is important to developing writing skills, and students can expect to learn simple tools and tips to help them improve their writing to improve English proficiency.

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