Available CNA Vacancies – Finding the Right Job

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  • As a certified nursing assistant, you will be responsible for the pre-care of many patients. While earning your certification is a major milestone, the question of where you will work next will always be on your mind. There are many opportunities for employment for a CNA and there are thousands of available cna vacancies, but which one is right for you?


    Do you like dealing with old and young people alike? If this is the case, working in a hospital setting may be your best option. Hospitals provide great benefits and a qualified CNA will be able to find a job quickly and easily. Private and public hospitals alike are always short on nursing assistants.
    Before stepping foot into this sector, you must ask yourself the following questions:

    • Will you like tending to patients of all ages?
    • Will you be able to deal with severely injured patients?
    • Are you the type of person that is fearful of seeing someone die?

    Working in hospitals means that every day is filled with new challenges. If you do not deal with losing patients easily or you can’t stand the sight of blood, hospitals should not be on the top of your list.

    Rehabilitation Centers

    At rehabilitation centers, including drug and alcohol as well as physical therapy centers, a person will find that nursing assistants are in demand. As a nursing assistant, you will be there to take vitals and monitor the general health of a patient.
    This is a great field where there are a lot of great patients that will have their lives change right in front of you. This field can include:

    • Patients of all ages
    • Less people dying or dealing with severe illnesses
    • A very welcoming environment that is filled with positivity

    Overall, rehabilitation centers are a great place for nursing assistants. Not only will you meet a plethora of patients, you will be able to see them in generally good health and improving their life.

    Private Doctor’s Offices

    There are doctors in every field that will need the assistance of someone not as qualified as a nurse, but someone that is able to take care of patients. Often seen as medical assistants, a person with a CNA is seen as more qualified than a medical assistant and will be paid very well at private clinics.
    This sector has many perks including:

    • Regular hours where there are no overnight shifts or late nights
    • Patients are not brought in to clinics for true emergencies
    • There is a much closer relationship with the staff and doctors

    Private clinics are definitely a more friendly atmosphere and one in which a person will gain a lot of experience.

    Home Health Aide

    Many home health aides are CNA certified and work with patients of varying ages. This is a demanding career choice, but it is one that pays a little more than the average position, and a person will have a change of environment often.
    As an aid, a person will:

    • Have more overall responsibility with patients
    • Be able to bond with their patients more closely
    • Deal with patients of varying ages

    A home health aide may be needed for a person that simply cannot dress themselves, or the aid may be needed for full health care needs. This is a great career with a lot of opportunities available.
    As a certified nursing assistant, you will enjoy a median salary of $24,000 a year and job growth expectancy of 21 percent. This means that over 321,000 jobs are expected to be added to the field within the next 10 years.

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