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  • One of the most inspirational dreams a student can accomplish is obtaining a career in education.

    It is a fulfilling profession that allows you the opportunity to change lives.

    However, not every teacher wants to work in a classroom. Luckily, there are many opportunities for those looking to instruct others across a broad spectrum of promising careers.

    So, whether you want to make an impression in the corporate world, start your own freelance business, or learn the administrative functions that make our educational institutions tick, there is an option for everyone.

    Corporate Positions

    Many students dream of making a big impression in the corporate world, and this realm offers numerous opportunities. After all, no one comes to a new job knowing how to perform all functions to perfection, so they need to be taught. To that end, you could be a corporate trainer.

    A corporate trainer is tasked with ensuring that all departments are fully trained on all necessary tasks within their purview. Doing so also involves understanding the team functions yourself so you can create a curriculum that involves everything new agents need to know and create updated training programs for existing employees when a new function is introduced. A corporate trainer will work with upper management to ensure that training classes develop employees who will help the company thrive as a whole.

    Those with extra drive can also look to a fulfilling position as a Chief Learning Officer. Essentially, a CLO is a step above the corporate trainer and works with the executive management team to ensure that the corporate learning program actively supports the overall financial and operational goals of the company.

    All corporate trainers would report to the CLO. To earn this position, candidates would generally have a master’s degree in education and have several years of previous training experience.

    Freelance Work

    The decision to teach for a living doesn’t have to lead you to a classroom or an office. Instead, you may choose to start your own business with your choice of many freelance or self-employment careers.

    One of the most recognizable freelance positions is that of an online tutor. As a tutor, you can specialize in anything from math and computer science to SAT preparation, and work the hours you like.

    Even better is the fact that video conferencing software like Skype can allow you to teach anyone in the world from your home while giving the same authentic experience.

    If you are an expert in a particular subject, then you could also use your skills to be an educational writer. This could include writing textbooks or becoming a subject expert on a teaching blog. English teachers and lovers of the written word can also make a living as a freelance editor or proofreader for any number of physical or online forums.

    You could also look into a job as a test administrator and scorer for SATs, ACTs, practice tests, or any number of academic assessments that are administered year-round. These tests need educated individuals to ensure that all answers are correct and that no one slips through the cracks. 

    Keep in mind that freelance work presents its fair share of differences from your typical work environment. For instance, you will have to put extra work into finding your own clients, and there are different tax processes for self-employed individuals. Keep up to date on all applicable laws and regulations, so your freelance career can be successful.

    School Positions Outside of Teaching

    There is another group of people out there who really like the idea of working with the school district but are still not thrilled about the classroom aspect, and for those individuals, there are a plethora of career possibilities. One such job option is that of a librarian, where you can still recommend educational materials and work anywhere from a school to a law institute. If you are interested in bettering the lives of kids without coming up with lesson plans, then you could also look into becoming a guidance counselor.

    There is a slew of administrative job opportunities in school districts that range from bookkeeper to something heftier, like a position in school fleet management. A fleet management position requires experts to oversee the repair, upkeep, and performance of a fleet of vehicles, in this case, buses. This position is essential because it creates a level of oversight, so kids always have a way to school on buses that are safe and on time. The manager would also check analytics to ensure that the school is saving money on fuel costs and unneeded maintenance.

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    Some teachers are satisfied with the teaching aspect but are more excited by the process of setting up the lesson plans, and for them, the position of instructional coordinator might be the best fit. This position involves creating the curriculum and general course work for institutions ranging from grade school to college universities. They also review teaching materials, including videos and software, to ensure that they meet the needs of the area of study. In short, the instructional coordinator is in charge of every aspect of a new curriculum from A to Z.

    In the end, a teaching degree can open up an endless array of career possibilities from school secretary to executive management. Keep this fact in mind as you go through your schooling and modify your classes and electives accordingly, so you can better reach your career aspirations. Teaching is a noble career, and the sky’s the limit for what you can accomplish.

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