Pros and Cons of Bringing Your Car to College

bringing your car to college

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  • One major decision you have to make before you head to college is whether you want to bring your car.

    You typically have an option unless your university doesn’t allow vehicles on campus for freshmen.

    Because you already have enough college-related decisions to make, we’ve made this one easy for you by coming up with the pros and cons of bringing your car to college.


    • Easy Travel

      Students are often trapped at school for several months, so having a car on campus allows you to travel home for holidays or special events. If you live within driving distance from home, you won’t have to worry about finding another way home.

      You may also want to visit friends at other schools, and having a car on campus makes for easy travel. Not to mention you need to find a way to get to a grocery store.

    • Punctuality

      There are going to be days when you are running behind schedule but may need to get across campus for class, which a car will expedite for you.

      A car on campus can also open up more time in your day because you aren’t wasting time walking to class.

    • Helpful for Moving

      College becomes a constant cycle of moving in and out of dorms, apartments, and houses every year.

      One way to make moving easier on yourself is to have your car with you, making you less dependent on parents and friends.


    • Maintenance

      A downside to having your car on campus is that it’s another thing you need to worry about, from getting oil changes to maintaining your car’s exterior, which can be difficult if you don’t have a garage at school. Not mention you might run into problems if there is a major repair that needs to be done. Unless you live at a house, the space to do a repair on your own may be limited too.

    • Money for Gas

      Most college students are confined to a budget. However, gas costs money and can be quite expensive if you use your car a lot. This can eat into the money you need for food, school supplies, and other important expenses.

      When you have your car on campus, you don’t have as much flexibility as you would hope, and it isn’t good to have an empty tank all the time.

    • Parking Pass

      At many schools, you may have to pay for an expensive parking pass in order to have your car on campus. Your designated parking spot might also be a distance away from where you live, which defeats the purpose of saving time getting to class and other places on campus.

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    The situation differs for every student. Some might not think a car on campus is necessary if you are going to a small school. It might also be out of the question if you are going to school across the country. Knowing the pros and cons of bringing your car to college will help you make the right decision.

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