Essential Supplies for a Successful College Semester

essential school supplies

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  • You’ve made it through the fall semester, the holiday season, and the craziness that was 2020.

    With all that behind you, it’s time to tackle whatever 2021 brings.

    Whether you’re rounding out your freshman year or graduating this semester, the key to a great spring is great supplies.

    As you relax and unwind over winter break, make sure to take time to kickstart your next semester. When you have gear you can rely on, every daunting test and project becomes a little bit easier.

    Get ready for spring with these essential supplies for a successful college semester.

    A Sturdy, Reliable Notebook

    Laptops are handy, but some classes call for physical notes. Some of your courses might even require a physical journal, especially in labs or other classes that expect you to turn in your notes periodically throughout the semester.

    When it comes to taking notes by hand, you want a journal that you can trust. Invest in a bound notebook that won’t fall apart or lose pages the first time you shove it into your backpack.

    You shouldn’t use a spiral notebook for research or other lab projects anyway, as your journals in these courses should be secure and authentic.

    Ripping out and replacing pages is easier in a spiral notebook, and this type of tampering could pose a danger to the outcome of your work and research. Choose a notebook that will reflect your efforts and dependability.

    Laptop Case or Bag

    A laptop is a must-have for modern college students, but you also need something to carry that computer around safely. Whether you’re walking across campus or just shifting from your bed to the table, you’re going to spend a lot of time moving your laptop from place to place.

    Protect one of your most valuable tools with a durable laptop case or bag. A padded case can grant you peace of mind every time you slip your laptop into it.

    If you tend to carry snacks or drinks with you, try to find a case that’s also waterproof. While you’re at it, think about snagging an extra laptop charger or spare headphones to keep in your bag wherever you go.

    Planner or Calendar

    College is a lot more than just classes. Yes, you’ll need somewhere to jot down your big tests or project due dates, but you’ll also want a space to keep track of extracurriculars, study group meetings, or just fun occasions on the horizon.

    A calendar is a student’s best friend—and one of the essential supplies for a successful college semester. You’ll be able to compile your syllabi and any calendars for your organizations. Plus, you can completely customize your organization process.

    other valuable tips:

    Carry a handheld planner with you wherever you go or decorate your room with a hanging calendar or whiteboard. For extra reliability and organization, you can even try keeping up with both.

    External Hard Drive

    There are few experiences worse than losing all your progress on a project the night before it’s due. If you do a lot of work on your laptop, you’re going to need a backup drive to protect that work.

    Keep an external hard drive in your home or dorm room, and make a habit of backing up your files regularly—especially when a due date is approaching. While many professors will understand a technical disaster such as losing your files, a backup drive can help you sidestep the problem entirely.

    The extra storage space is also nice, especially if you want a safe place to keep your best projects and favorite photos throughout your college experience.

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