Six Non-Essential Supplies You’ll Definitely Need Your Freshman Year

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  • You did it! You passed all of your tests, made good grades, and graduated from high school. This is one of the biggest accomplishments of your life. Now, it’s time to experience life on your own and finally go to college.

    This is your first time on out of your parents’ home and most don’t exactly know what to expect. Who’s going to wake you up in the morning? What are you going to eat for dinner? How are you going to get to class? Of course you know the basic necessities such as a laptop, microwave, and pillows, but what about the little things that make a big difference that people tend to not think about? No need to fret, here are six non-essential supplies you will probably need your freshmen year.

    Extension Cord

    It may not sound necessary at first, but think about it. Your cell phone, iPad, flat screen, and your fan all have to be plugged somewhere. Outlets in dorms are limited and there’s not much room for your own things, let alone your roommates. Extension cords can save your life! They’re cheap and easy to find at your local hardware stores.


    College is about more than parties and hanging out with your friends. More often than not, you have to get down to business. You aren’t in grade school anymore, and don’t have someone telling you when assignments are due and what day the test is on. You have to remember all these things yourself and most professors don’t accept excuses. Get a calendar! You can write down when papers are due the final exam dates. It really comes in handy.

    Dry-Erase Board

    Since you don’t live at home, things tend to get a little out of place. You are young and don’t want to be the one stuck with cleaning duty every day. Write down a cleaning list on the board and divide each task between you and your roommate(s). Give each other reminders of upcoming events and tasks that have already been completed.


    It seems like one of the first things you would grab, but in the midst of the chaos and the anxiety about starting school, people tend to forget these useful items. Don’t just live out of your boxes and totes! Use hangers and get some extra space in your closet.


    It’s a rough morning, you stayed up all night studying for a test that’s crucial to your class GPA. You need to focus, you need energy, and you need coffee! Folgers, Maxwell, 11th Street Coffee, and your local store brands can provide you with the boost you need for a cheaper price. That beats buying Starbucks every morning!

    Flash Drive

    Gone are the paper pencil days you were used to in high school. Professors expect organization and structure when you turn in your papers. Some papers are due online and some professors prefer a hardcopy. You want to take time so you can get a good grade. A flash drive can help you to write your paper from anywhere! Just save your current work to the drive and you can even go to the library to work on your paper. These gadgets are so useful you might want to even get two!

    Are you ready for your first day of college? It can be extremely fun, but without the right essentials it can also be extremely stressful. Save yourself some time and stress and purchase the items above, you’ll need them!

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