The Big Transition: Help for Moving Your Baby into College

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  • You never imagined the day would come when your little one would move away and attend college. This is a huge change for many families and immediately shifts the dynamics in your household. Instead of remaining in perpetual denial, take the necessary steps to make this transition as smooth as possible for your new student.

    Make a List of Necessities

    Your teenager probably has big ideas about what they want in their dorm rooms, whether it is a collage of pictures showing off their high school friends, or a cool new coffee machine that makes all their favorite blends. While you do want them to select many items for the room, you also want them to be practical. Putting together a list of what your kids will need may seem arduous to them right now, but will be something they appreciate later on.

    Visit the Doctor

    Most schools are going to require your children have a physical before they start to attend the institution, especially if they are planning to live there. Even if the school does not have this requirement, it’s still a good idea. Before heading off to college, your youngsters should be sure they are in optimal health. You may not really want to confront the issue, but consider the benefits of Safer STD Testing as well.

    Help Unpack

    Although your kids may want to start on their new adventure without your assistance, keep in mind that moving into a college dorm room is a large task. Simply moving all of the boxes up and down the stairs can prove emotionally draining for young people who are in a brand new environment. Your children might want to drive to college with their friends or take their own car up there, but make sure you are available to offer support, even if it is purely emotional.

    Let Socialization Happen

    You may want to soak up every moment you have with your kids before they leave for college. However, remember that an important part of their social life exists without you. Let them see their high school friends. These bonds may last for years to come, or they might fade in the near future. Also, when they are moving into their dorm, let them go off with new friends to have dinner, or allow them to chat with their roommates without having you present. Forming friendships is so important to the college experience.

    Although moving your kids into college is a big step that requires emotional strength and endurance, the both of you can overcome it together.

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