What You Need to Start Transitioning From a Job to Career

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  • Anyone who has worked a job before has probably experienced a moment when they realize it’s time to move on. When you are unhappy with your place of employment, oftentimes, your next impulse might be to write the wittiest resignation email you can muster, while running for the nearest exit. Instead of channeling the restlessness you feel into dreaming up dramatic ways to tell your supervisor you’re quitting, use it to plot your next move.

    Think Long-Term

    One of the easiest ways to make sure you don’t find yourself in a similar situation at a different company is to make sure you think long-term. When we think in terms of finding a job, we’re often thinking less strategically (and that’s okay!), and more in terms of getting to that next paycheck. When it comes to a career, you have to consider your long-term goals and the factors that are necessary to your career success. Building a successful career requires considering things that will contribute to your staying power within a given profession. These things can include: fit, developing a particular suite of skills, your lifestyle, and current credentials.

    Finding The Right Fit

    While you may be unsatisfied in your current position, you now have the insight that something about your current job is not working for you. If that something is workplace culture, then you can spend your time outside of work making sure you look for careers and work environments whose company cultures will be a better fit. For instance, if you want to spend more time with your small children consider looking into fields or companies that can offer that. Some companies allow their employees to work from home one day a week, while other fields like elementary and secondary education allow their employees (teachers) to have three months a year off. While flexibility might not be something that you can easily find during an initial job search, it’s important to keep it at the front of your mind. Doing this will ensure that you prioritize looking for employers who can offer this perk.

    Think Ahead

    Getting the position you want is also a matter of having the right credentials to get you started. Are you looking at healthcare, but only have a CPR certification? It might be time to beef up your education and resume. You could even choose a smaller technical college like the Interactive College of Technology to get started on a business associates while you continue working at your current job. This way you can add to your education and have a game plan ready before you start your job search.

    When you are trying to build a career it is critical to have enough self-knowledge to be aware of things like your working style. Are you an early riser? Are you most productive in the evenings? Knowing this will help you ask the right questions as you search for new positions and bring you closer to finding a career and job that work best for you.

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