Five Bad Habits Some College Students Develop, and How You Can Avoid Them

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  • A college education is a privilege, and the time spent in college can be an exciting time for most students. However, over the course of a college career, it is easy for students to fall into any number of different traps that hurt their health or their career prospects. Like most traps, these behaviors are not one and done issues, but bad habits that one can develop over time. This post discusses five of the more common bad habits that one can develop in college and some tips for how to avoid them.

    Not Getting Enough Sleep

    People sometimes pride themselves on how little sleep they got while completing a major project or studying for an exam. However, failing to attend to good sleep health hurts information retention, alertness and overall cognitive performance. Commit, starting with your first day, to the idea of getting at least seven to eight hours of sleep per night. Your brain will thank you.

    Not Developing Sound Study Habits

    Many students enter college with poorly developed study habits, usually due to a high school curriculum that was paced too slowly for them. Some students then panic and wind up cramming for their exams. This can become a cycle, so commit now to learning how to prepare for exams and tests in a way that promotes long-term retention.

    Not Exercising

    This is a bad habit that could start as early as elementary school, depending on the curriculum and a person’s parents. However, it is easy for people who otherwise had reasonable exercise habits to “fall off the wagon” when they enter college due to stress and busyness. Avoid this by ensuring that you are scheduling at least thirty minutes of exercise, three times per week.

    Not Networking

    Most people understand that they go to college to learn and to make friends. However, particularly shy types can easily neglect the social advantage that college can offer. The connections that you make in college can be the difference between graduating employed and unemployed, so it pays big dividends to be intentional about finding connections with peers, professors and professionals affiliated with the school.

    Partying Too Hard

    While networking is all well and good, beer-soaked parties are not the best strategy for standing out. Make sure that you take care of yourself and avoid intoxication and illegal drug use. Getting brought up on drug charges can have serious consequences for years to come. Just avoid any situation where these substances are being used with fervor. Your future self will be sure to thank you!

    Avoiding these five bad habits throughout your college career can set you up for a lifetime of success and prosperity. It is part of growing up and every person has to make the same decisions that you are expected to make at this time in your life. Make the most of your time in college by proactively defending against the development of bad habits.

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