Five Essentials to Help You Survive Dorm Life This Semester

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  • Dorm life is a little different from living at home or living on your own. Some situations only exist when sharing tight communal spaces with strangers. Others stem from being on your own, juggling school and other responsibilities. Move in prepared and your semester will go a lot smoother than if you show up empty handed.

    An Any and Everything Cover

    We don’t have to tell you dorm rooms are small.  Two students typically share 250 square feet. With such space constraints, you will be using your bed for just about anything. You’ll eat on it. You’ll study on it. You’ll use to store clothes when you realize your tiny closet won’t fit even half of the clothes you brought from home. So, your dorm bedding has to be something you can live with, whether it’s keeping you warm or acting as a tablecloth.

    Disease Fighters

    Dorm rooms give you a chance to get to know other students in an intimate setting. They also give you a chance to catch whatever everybody else in the dorm has. Colds, infections, and other germy presents spread fast in such close quarters. Make sure you have everything you need to keep you out of the campus clinic. That includes everything from tissues to hand sanitizer to cleaning products to keep your space germ free. Many big box stores like Target and Walmart sell these items in pre-wrapped kits perfect for moving into your new dorm room.

    Fungus Armor

    Depending on your school’s setup, you may also be sharing a bathroom with a whole floor of strangers. Fungi and mold love the warm, moist walls and floors of these bathrooms. A pair of shower shoes can be the difference between a nice refreshing shower and a infected toenail. You can buy shower shoes from just about any store that sells clothing. Also, a pair of water resistant flip-flops will also do in a pinch.

    Extra Power

    Most Americans use no less than three electronic devices on a daily basis. Between your laptop, your phone, and your TV, outlets are at a premium. And don’t forget your roommate probably has just as much stuff. To avoid fighting over outlets, bring a couple of power strips. Any electronic store will have them but try getting one that arranges the outlets for optimum space saving.

    Early Morning Class Starter

    All nighters (whether they happen in the library or the bar) make early morning classes a challenge. Even if you haven’t been burning the midnight oil, sometimes making it across campus at 7am requires a little preparation…and an alarm clock. Relying on your cell phone’s alarm can get you in trouble if it dies or crashes. That’s why an old school alarm clock with a battery backup is the best way to go if you want a fail proof wake up for class.

    Of course this isn’t a definitive list. Surviving dorm life is a moving target. You’ll always find something else you may need. But at least with this list you’ll have all you need to combat the germs, the shower fungus, and early morning classes.

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