Five Sources to Solve Your Mathematical Questions Online

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  • Solving mathematical questions and equations is never easy, especially if you are unfamiliar with the subject matter.

    Whether you are looking for the answer to a simple math problem, or hoping to get a deeper explanation of a complex equation, there are many websites where you can find the right answers.

    Not only do these sites offer problem solving tools, but you can also ask other people for help with a specific problem. Here is a look at five of the best sources to solve your mathematical questions online.


    Whether you are looking for the answer to a simple problem, such as what is -15-13 or seeking the answer to a more complex problem, Everyday-Math can help you achieve this result. The site is dedicated to providing detailed explanations of complicated and simple math problems. If you look through the site, you might find that a problem similar to yours is already answered in great detail. If you cannot find the answers you need, you can always send in the math question to the site and request an answer.

    2. WebMath

    WebMath is helpful because they divide their site up into different categories. Each of these categories is a different type of math, such as counting coins, area conversions, data analysis or scientific notation. Going into a sub-section will help you get a much better answer to your question. For example, we can go into the “simplifying equations” section, type an existing problem and request an answer from the site.

    3. Cymath

    Cymath has a simpler system, where you simply enter an equation and hope to get an answer from the site. For example, you can type “solve 3x+5=22” and the site will show you the three steps involved in getting the correct answer.

    There are no deeper explanations to help you understand the theory, but the site is a good way to check whether you are using the correct steps to get to an answer. It is possible to get answers for single and double variable equations, but the explanations are always in three basic steps.

    4. Mathway

    Mathway has different categories, such as basic math, pre-algebra, algebra, pre-calculus, calculus and trigonometry. While you probably will not find answers to complicated equations and complex theorems, you can use this site for help with basic math. It is very useful for anyone studying math at the middle school and high school level, while some of the categories also help with first and second-year undergraduate mathematics courses.

    5. Ask an Expert – Free Math Help has a number of helpful tools for anyone who is struggling with mathematics. Their first tool is an interactive problem solver, which is very similar to the one found on Mathway. This allows you to enter a problem or equation and get the answer.

    If the problem solver is not enough to help you, there are links to a few other sites where you can ask experts or fellow math students for assistance. This is probably the best way you can get deeper explanations about the math equations and theorems that are confusing you.

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