Four Benefits of Living in College Dorms for Your College Degree

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  • When you decide to pursue your higher education degree programs, college is the first step towards achieving that aim. There are several decisions that an aspiring student has to take before he can begin his college program and journey to graduation. One of those major decisions is to whether choose to stay on campus that is in the dorms or stay off-campus. Many people, who choose to stay off-campus, do so purely based on the decision that it saves them a lot of money by finding a cheap room to rent out rather than agreeing to a fixed cost for the term if they decide to live on the campus.

    While both on campus living and off campus houses offer their own pros and cons, there are certain things that college students will deprive themselves of if they do not live on campus. For the first two years of your college programs, it is more so important that you manage your finances and choose to stay on-campus as it offers numerous advantages and a completely different experience altogether. Our today’s guest post will talk about four major benefits those students who live on campus during their entire college degree programs get compared to the ones who decide to choose the other route of accommodation for their college degrees.

    The distance to campus

    If you are one of those students who would like to stay involved with campus all the time in the form of taking classes on time, staying on campus late socializing and partying, working from the campus library or taking up an on-campus job, then living in the dorms is the only solution for you. You cannot waste your money and time covering the distance to campus from your accommodation if you are living outside. So when you choose to stay in the dorms you automatically get the benefit of having no distance to campus at all and have everything right within your reach.

    Settling in well

    The reason why we said that on-campus living, especially for the first two years is important is because it helps you settle in more easily. In your freshman year, when you are studying at a college and living on campus, you can quickly make friends, hang out with them a lot, attend social events and parties and all this can contribute to your gelling in and adapting to college life much quicker than others living off-the campus.

    Having all the resources

    From libraries, to student centers and emergency calls when you live on-campus, you get access to everything well within your reach.You do not have to come all the way, just to read something important for your assignment or get something done from the student center. You also have a good security setup in place on-campus.


    When you live on-campus, you get additional facilities justifying the extra cost that you pay for it. For example, weekly cleaners to clean your room, z big kitchen with furniture and furnished rooms as well as gyms and pools are accessible to you.

    Katherine William is the author of this blog post. Katherine works as an administrative head for college dorms at a college in Toronto Canada. She likes to post his views and opinions on the website College professionals

    Image credit: Berry Hall, Wayne State College campus by Ali Eminov, on Flickr

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