Got An Eye For Art? Easy Ways To Make Money With Your Art Passion

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  • One of the biggest tensions in the mind of an artist is their love for art and their seeming inability to make any money off of it. The stereotype goes that only rarely can an artist profit from the fruits of their creative labor. They’ve often invested time and money in a degree in art education, supplies, and maybe even a studio. ¬†However, even if you’re a relatively unknown artist, there are relatively simple ways to supplement your income. Try these easy options for making money with your art.

    Use Advertisements on Your Site

    Many successful art and comic websites garner income from advertisements placed on their websites. While these sites often augment their income with sales of t-shirts and prints, advertisements help to ensure a steady flow of income from regular visitors to your site. It’s best if the advertisements can be directly tied into your site. For example, museums are probably a better match for an art website than an auto mechanic.

    Sell your wares at local weekend markets

    Stalls at local markets generally cost less than a hundred dollars. If your art appeals to the masses and you can afford the relatively small upfront investment, it’s possible to sell potentially hundreds of dollars of your merchandise in a single weekend. This is an especially great way to sell pieces meant for display in people’s homes, like painted plates and wall-hung portraits.

    Use wanted boards to search for commissions

    Often on wanted boards you’ll find people looking for pieces of art for their business. Sometimes while scouring Craigslist you may be able to find a motel looking for room art, or a firm looking for someone to design their logo. While these commissions are sometimes hard to find,

    Sell your photos and drawings to stock art websites

    Many websites that specialize in stock images will pay artists for their work. The best part is this income is recurring; the payments are often based on a per-download commission. That means you’ll get money every time someone buys your photo, though this also means you probably won’t get paid upfront for the piece. Popular examples include ShutterStock and iStockPhoto, which work off the commission payment model.

    While it can be frustrating to create beautiful masterpieces only to feel like no one’s interested in them, there is hope. Start with the above tips; while the income may come slowly at first, keep at it, and you may soon harvest the fruits of your labor.

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