High School Graduate: Is it Still Possible to Get a Career without a Degree?

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  • Graduating high school can be an intimidating time as students prepare to face the work force. For many, the money just is not there to pay for college, and for others, grades did not earn them any access to high dollar scholarships. With no college degree in sight, a lot of students are left to fend for themselves, fighting to get their foot in the door of any industry that will give them an opportunity. But, with no extended educational experience or college degree to speak of, the brutal reality of being rejected by one job after another is the fate for many. Yet, surprising as it is, it is still possible to gain employment in certain fields of work without a college degree.


    Some jobs still hiring without a degree involve manual labor. The blue collar work force is great for someone wanting to learn a skill, and have the satisfaction of seeing work done without a spreadsheet of numbers.

    According to Advantage Manufacturing Ltd, entry level mobile welding jobs in Edmonton often require a person to be able to pass a drug test, have a high school diploma, and demonstrate the ability to stand for long durations, and lift varying weight requirements. Having decent or correctable vision is also generally a requirement that welders must be able to comply with. With many older welders dropping out of the work force due to age, this is placing an increased demand for welding positions to be filled in the near future.


    If a person doesn’t mind hard outdoor work, climbing on top of houses, and long hours, the roofing industry is always hiring high school graduates to join their ranks. While you may think only of the cons, roofing is actually a very useful skill and can lead to other kinds of higher construction work. The work is labor intensive, but it is certainly a job opportunity that a person without a degree can pursue.

    Freelance Writers

    Another career opportunity that anyone with a high school diploma can try their hand at is freelance writing. If you have a decent grasp of the English language, write well, and are self-motivated to pump out lots of content, there are numerous avenues that freelance writers can use to get paid for their writing skills, from writing magazine articles to self-publishing of their own materials.

    In the event that a person without a degree just can’t seem to get their foot in the door, it is perhaps helpful to remember the story of men like Bill Gates. If a college dropout can become the head of one of the world’s leading companies, then this should encourage anyone to consider that starting one’s own business and owning the proverbial ladder is perhaps the best career to strive to have in our modern age.

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