How a Clutter Free Dorm Room Can Help Make College Life Easier

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  • Heading off to college means a great deal of planning and preparing for big changes in your life and lifestyle. Some of the adjustments you can prepare for ahead of time. If you are moving into a dorm room, campus housing, or your own apartment, there are steps you can take ahead of time to make the transition easier. One of the steps you can take is planning ahead of time to live a clutter free lifestyle while in college. It is so easy to over pack and try to bring everything from home with you to college, but that can lead to a cluttered living space which is often much smaller than what you were used to at home.

    Why is clutter a problem at college?

    Clutter can be a huge problem for you during your college years. More clutter means more to clean, more to clean means more stress and pressure added to your already long “to do” list. In addition, clutter often cannot be cleaned, per se; it is just left all over the place. This type of clutter can be detrimental to your grades and your mental well-being, according to design experts and psychologists too. The reasoning behind this philosophy is that a cluttered room can lead to a cluttered mind. A cluttered mind has problems remembering things, reduced retention capacity, and often trouble sleeping too.

    How Can You Reduce Clutter in Your College Dorm or Apartment?

    Reducing clutter is something that you can actually plan ahead for. When packing for college, leave the extras at home and only take what you need. If you want some extra sentimental items, try choosing things that can be hung on the wall, such as pictures, art, paintings, etc. or put up one small shelf in your dorm or apartment and make that the spot for your keepsakes and such. Having one small shelf with a few items on it relates to being less cluttered than putting those things on your desk or night stand. Here are 6 more tips of reducing clutter in your college dorm or apartment space:

    1. Organize Your Closet: When you space is limited, you have to make the most of what you’ve got. Closet organizers will go a long way towards helping you stay organized and keeping as much as possible in your closet rather than in your living space. Use all the space in your closet too, the floor, the top shelf, and the back of the door. All kinds of organizers can be bought or made to help your closet be full, but in an organized way instead of full in a way that makes you afraid to open it without the contents falling out.
    2. Switch out Clothing Each Semester or Season: Instead of packing all of your clothes and trying to fit them into a smaller closet, only take the clothes you need for that season. Switch out the clothes each semester. This allows you to express your style, as well as change your style with the seasons.
    3. Utilize Space Saving Furniture Items: If you have a choice in the furniture design of the dorm or apartment space, then you can opt to buy space saving furniture such as a loft bed with the desk underneath. Even if you cannot make big furniture purchasing decisions, you can still buy space saving organizers and items like ottomans that double as storage in addition to seating.
    4. Make a Cleaning Schedule: A cleaning schedule will help prevent your room from getting out of control. If you clean a little bit each day, including emptying the trash bin, you will avoid ever having a big cleaning job that takes all day.
    5. Print as Little as Possible: Printing papers can cause tons of clutter in addition to hurting the environment and costing so much in paper and ink. Ask your professors if email or memory sticks can be used instead of paper. This accommodation can be for both work turned into them and assignments they give you. If everything is digital, it has less of a chance of being lost, and no chance of causing clutter.
    6. Go Wireless: Wires and cords can give the appearance of clutter. If you can keep everything wireless, you will have much less clutter to worry about. There will still likely be cords or wires for other electronics in your room. Make sure to keep those neatly tied up, this prevents clutter and tripping too.

    Bio: Tegan Connor is blogger and Brand Manager for She enjoys writing about lifestyle and living topics for young adults.

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