How Hard Is It To Earn a Baseball Scholarship?

How Hard Is It To Earn a Baseball Scholarship?

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  • When it comes to college athletics, there is an abundance of universities that have baseball teams.

    Even if a D1 school isn’t in the cards, several smaller schools may suit your needs.

    However, there are thousands of high school students in the same boat as you, so knowing how hard it is to earn a baseball scholarship is very beneficial.

    Steep Competition

    Universities have a limited number of scholarships that they can offer to promising baseball players. And with several other candidates gunning for these spots, you might become frustrated at the lack of interest. Therefore, keep your options open and apply to various schools. It doesn’t hurt to show interest in numerous programs, especially when all you must do is decline an offer if a better option comes along.

    Incorrect Evaluation

    This issue is no fault of your own; it’s the fault of the people scouting you. Certain schools may be overlooking you for the same reason that Tom Brady fell to the sixth round—improper evaluation.

    Some colleges may not appreciate your skillset, or they may have caught you on an off day. Therefore, you shouldn’t spread yourself too thin when choosing a school.

    The more options you have, the more sets of eyes you have on you that can lead to opportunities. Additionally, you may have a coach or relative who’s convinced you are ready to play in the SEC or Big 12, leaving you stranded if you don’t get on a team like Texas or Vanderbilt.

    Attend Camps and Showcases

    The most important lesson you’ll learn about finding a job is that you need to network. You can say the same thing about getting a scholarship to play baseball. If you aren’t attending camps and showcase events, you’re missing out on a prime occasion to demonstrate your prowess.

    Camps get you in the door to learn valuable lessons from coaches with connections. These coaches might get in the ear of college scouts that you can impress at your showcase event. Don’t forget to upgrade your bat and other essentials when you are on center stage.

    Impress With Your Highlight Video

    Coaches and recruiters are busy doing their daily tasks, so you’ll need to wow them with a well-produced highlight tape. Like resumes, you only have a few seconds to make an impression, so make it count. If the video is choppy and foggy, the coach might turn it off faster than an infield turning a double play.

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    Let the video do the talking and illustrate everything that sets you apart from the rest. Being able to pick and choose what you want to show gives you complete creative control. If you are an elite defender, show off the plays that flash the leather. On the other hand, if you are a power hitter, send clips of you showing your light-tower power.

    Regardless of your skill level, understanding how hard it is to earn a baseball scholarship sets your expectations for what’s to come. Good luck! Hopefully, your dream school is in your future!

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