Thoughtful Ways To Cheer Up a Friend When They’re Down

Thoughtful Ways To Cheer Up a Friend When They’re Down

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  • Is your friend feeling down and you don’t know what to do?

    There are a few thoughtful ways to cheer up a friend when they’re down, but the most important thing you can do for them is to communicate.

    Perhaps your friend is down because they’re going through a breakup or suffering from a mental health condition, such as depression. Let’s explore a few ways to help your friend through this difficult time.

    Ask Them What They’d Prefer

    When you learn that your friend is upset, the first thing you want to do is ask them what they need at that moment. By asking if they’re looking for advice or just someone to talk to, you can map out your next plan of action from there.

    Whatever they’re looking for, listen to what they have to say and show that you genuinely care for them. Sometimes, all we need is a listening ear instead of a solution.

    Take a Drive

    If your friend wants to talk about their situation, it might be hard for them to talk face-to-face. Try taking them for a drive and allow them to vent.

    Often, the most important conversations happen in the car because both parties are more comfortable talking. This happens because neither person is “required” to look at each other (especially the driver).

    Driving offers different scenery, which can be a great distraction or even a solid foundation for sorting out their thoughts.

    Volunteer Together

    This one may sound out of the left field, but many people find that doing volunteer work cheers them up without them even realizing it.

    The reason for that is because you focus on helping someone when you do something nice for them, and in turn, assisting others provides us true happiness.

    For example, you can choose an organization that enables group members to work together to pack meals for children across the world. If they’re up to it, take your friend to the nearest animal shelter or food bank and help them work off their negative emotions.

    Offer Them a Gift

    It’s often the little things that make a difference; try offering your friend a gift to cheer them up. You can make or buy something they’ve been eyeing at the store or offer them crystals to cleanse their energy. You may need to follow a guide to giving crystals as a gift, but they might appreciate the sentiment.

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    Keep in mind that the gift symbolizes more than the object; gifts represent friendship. So as long as you show them how much you care, they’ll feel much better.

    These tips will help you connect with your friend and understand what they’re feeling. If you’re researching thoughtful ways to cheer up a friend when they’re down, the chances are you’re already a great friend—so keep being you!

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