How Stepdecks Help College Students

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  • Going off to college is an undertaking that often involves taking more gear with you than you anticipated. In an ideal moving situation, you would be able to fit everything you need into your car. However, it’s likely that you will need more room that your car provides, and that is a situation where stepdeck trucking comes in handy.

    What is a Step Deck?

    You’ve no doubt seen a lot of trailers out on the highway but might wonder what the different trailers are and what they do. A stepdeck is sometimes known as either a drop deck or a lowboy. These trailers feature two levels and are completely open, allowing drivers to load heavier items like furniture with few problems. When these trailers are used by trucking companies with professional, experienced drivers, you can have the assurance that your furniture and other personal belongings will arrive safely.

    The Advantages of Step Deck Moving

    While moving furniture and other personal items, it is not uncommon to find that your load doesn’t necessarily fit into a truck of a specific size. Sometimes, the loading process can be difficult as well. Step decks come in handy by allowing you to use a two-level trailer that provides for greater organization. These trailers also involve less time for drivers and helpers because the low design makes them easier to load.

    An Easy Solution on a Tight Schedule

    Back to school time is always a very busy time, and many students and their parents struggle to find sufficient help with loading and transporting a student’s belongings. Many parents look to transport companies to provide a reasonable solution for their moving needs. One of the things that many are pleasantly surprised to find out is that hiring a transport company often saves money over having a parent rent a moving truck.

    What to Look For

    There are several important considerations in choosing a transport option besides price and schedule. One of the major considerations is whether the transport company specializes in loads of various sizes. The greater the number of load types the company handles, the more likely they are to handle a moving-related load effectively.

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