How to Land Your First Teaching Job after College

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  • Cannot wait to complete your graduation and start teaching? It is harder than you think, but is easy if you know the right method.

    Why is it hard?

    Most of the schools and colleges do not hire fresh graduates as teachers. For getting a job as a teacher, it is required that a graduate should have attended a teacher education program or enrol in a higher degree where teaching is a part of the program.

    Why is it easy?
    There are always alternative routes for you to start your teaching career and this article will help you to find those routes.

    It takes a lot more than just your cool academic degree to get hold of a teaching job. If you thought that graduating with flying colours is going to make you an attractive option in the teaching job market, then you are wrong, because teaching is more than just about having good knowledge on the subject of interest. That’s why schools and colleges are careful about who they hire to teach. If you are planning on becoming a teacher, you should understand that you need to work hard to get into a good institute.

    The following tips will help you to land your first teaching job after college:

    Build relationships with the professors during graduation

    When you move into the professional world, you will understand the power of networking. That is why you need to always maintain a good rapport with your professors during graduation. It will help you in getting valuable references when you are looking for a teaching job.

    If you have good relationships with the professors in the college where you graduated, they may contact you if they are looking for teaching assistants in the future. This can be a first step in securing a permanent job of assistant professor in the same college that you have studied. Also if you are looking to join as a teaching assistant in some other institute, that person’s reference might help you a lot.

    Volunteer as a teacher for private coaching centres or NGOs

    There are many private coaching centres nowadays looking for talented young professionals who can guide students in successfully cracking competitive examinations. You can always start your teaching career there and later move to a private school or college.

    Non-government organizations (NGOs), which are into the education field, also want people who are looking to volunteer or work pro-bono for them. This is also a good opportunity to get the teaching experience and get accustomed to the role.

    Make an awesome portfolio with proposal for new ideas

    Do not have the experience? It matters less when you are armed with an awesome portfolio and interesting ideas. Schools and educational institutes are always looking for new ideas to implement and make learning more effective. So if you have got great ideas on how you can improve the teaching system of the institute, you will definitely be an attractive option for them. Learn to make a good portfolio on the internet or take help of the professionals.

    Check out regions which have a dearth of teachers

    If you are young and willing to travel to new places, there might be a lot of options for you. Some of the regions in your country might have a lack of good teachers and they are willing to hire anyone who from a good education background. You can always get the required experience and move to an institute near your place. But check out if there are no differences in the medium of language while teaching. E.g If you are from North India seeking for assistant professor jobs in Chennai, you might face language problems. So this should be kept in mind while going to a different region for teaching.

    Become a substitute teacher

    If you do not get a permanent teaching job, you can go for a substitute teacher position. This position is usually a contractual one, but if you can show that you are a very good teacher, then the institute might consider you if the position gets vacant in the near future.

    Join a teacher training programme

    If nothing is helping you, you should join a teacher training programme, usually called as Graduate Teacher Programme in most countries. After completing the programme, you will find that a lot of educational institutes are willing to hire you as a teacher. You just need to find some college who can support you through the programme.

    Some countries even hold competitive examinations to measure the capability of the candidates for a teaching position. You can prepare for those exams and get selected for a teaching job.

    Building on your relationships, getting hands-on experience even if it is temporary one and doing the best you can is going to help your cause. And above all, be always confident of your teaching skills.

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