How To Make The Perfect Study Room

how to make the perfect study room

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  • Knowing how to make the perfect study room may seem harder than it sounds.

    There are a number of minor issues that you can run into—problems so subtle you may not even realize they’re holding you back.

    However, it’s essential to have your own space where you can escape and give yourself the best studying environment possible.


    First and foremost, you need to find a room where you can seclude yourself from the noises and interruptions of your living environment, whether that’s a house or a dorm room. Being constantly interrupted and disrupted by people around you will fracture your concentration and destroy the momentum you’ve been working up.

    • Seclude Yourself

      If you’re at home, try to find a spare bedroom far enough away from everyone else. Even a basement can work if it’s properly finished.

      For those living in a dorm, though, the campus library is usually a safe bet for some quiet—however, considering it’s so public, there may still be distractions. 


    Lighting is one of those factors that rarely come into the conversation when talking about improving your focus while working.

    Lighting can affect your productivity in several ways—both positively and negatively—depending on what type of lights you have.

    • Old Versus New

      It’s likely that you have incandescent lights in your chosen study room. These bulbs have been the standard for decades, but they can cause headaches and eyestrain, among other things.

      Switching out these old lights for modern LEDs can have an immediate effect on your focus and even your levels of energy.


    The type of sound you expose yourself to can also play a critical role in how well you concentrate on your tasks. Many people find that music can help them focus on what they’re doing, but this may not necessarily work for studying.

    The rhythm and lyrics of music can often serve as a distraction instead of keeping you focused. Instead, try listening to videos of classical music to improve your focus.

    • Ambient Noise

      The monotonous sounds of wind blowing, water running, and rain falling can easily blend into the background while also keeping your mind on track as you do your work.

      Finding devices or online videos that can produce these sounds can help you maintain your concentration for long periods of time.

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    Give Yourself the Space You Need

    Always try to find ways that help you to better concentrate on your studies while eliminating the distractions that prevent you from putting in your best effort. Know how to make your own study room to give yourself the best chances of success in your studies.

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