8 Gifts for Your Homesick College Student

gifts for homesick college students

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  • Going off to college is exciting, but there’s another side to this coin.

    At some point, your loved one is going to get homesick.

    To help with this, you can give your college student one or more of the following gifts.

    Homemade Cookies

    One thing you can do is make some homemade cookies. Make the cookies your loved one loves. Bake those cookies and send them off. Be sure to package them correctly, and let them cool down completely before you package them.

    This is a great gift that’ll let your kid know you’re thinking of them. You should write down a message with your gift. Don’t forget to taste a cookie before sending them, just in case you messed up the batch.

    Handwritten Cookbook

    You can mail cookies, but you can’t mail a whole meal. What you can do is make a recipe book and include those dishes your kid loves.

    Include recipe instructions and ingredients in this book and send them. If you don’t know the exact measurements of your recipes, then cook some of them so that you can figure out what measurements to put down in your booklet.

    Family Pictures

    A picture of everyone in your household makes a great gift. You could go for something nostalgic, maybe a picture featuring your kid when they were younger. You could also take a new picture.

    Consider converting those pictures into metal prints for longevity and style. A metal-based frame won’t shatter like glass might, and you know that life at college could be kind of wild, so a glass frame is not a good idea.

    A Playlist

    Music brings back memories. If your kid is homesick, consider compiling some of the music you know he or she remembers, maybe a few songs that everyone in the house knows even if they don’t love those songs.

    Music that others love will still make your child remember what it was like to be at home. You can also ask your kids’ friends to choose a few songs.

    Home Videos

    Parents should consider making a family video and sending it to their college students. All you have to do is start filming a few family videos. Record personalized messages to your loved one. This will be something he or she will appreciate for a long time.

    Be sure to edit the video before you make a copy. You want to add music and cut scenes that run too long. Use an editor to help you out. This will ensure the video is as entertaining as possible.


    Maybe the best gift is a little jewelry. Get something you know your loved one is going to know and cherish. You might also want to add an inscription on the piece of jewelry you choose.

    Think of something that reminds your kid that you love them. Remember something you’ve shared, some kind of quote, or something you know will be cherished.

    Handwritten Letter

    Sending a text or an email seems so easy because it is. If you want your loved one to feel good, then consider writing a letter; this is something from the heart and on paper. This handwritten letter should be as heartfelt as possible.

    Doing this will make your loved one feel appreciated and loved. Sending a letter requires a little more effort, but that’s part of the reason why they’re so special and why it’ll make your loved one feel happy.

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    Movie Streaming

    A gift of movies. Find a few movies that mean something to you and your college student. Sometimes, these are free on some streaming service, and if that’s the case, go ahead and get them a stream service account.

    If not, just purchase the movie digitally and share it with your kid. Make sure you share this movie only when you know your kid is going to have the time to watch the movie. People can connect through art, like movies or shows.

    Now, you have eight great gifts for a homesick student. You can’t cure this issue, but you can help your loved one feel better.

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