How To Set A Best Revision Strategy Before Examination

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  • Some students work hard in their subject’s preparation but still get failed simply because they don’t understand or acknowledge the value of revision and hence they don’t follow proper revision guidelines. Revision is essential before examination not only to re-evaluate your test preparation but also to recall whatever you have learnt throughout the year or semester.

    Following are some of the best tips that will surely assist you in revising your entire course outline in a systematic and efficient manner.

    Choose Your Place of Study Carefully

    To avoid averting your attention from studies, it is crucial to study at a place that is free from any kind of distractions. Revise your work while sitting straight on your study desk and avoid choosing spots like bed, sofa etc., as you will certainly feel sleepy on these spots.

    Plan Your Revision Systematically

    Remember that revision of an entire course outline takes a great deal of time. Therefore, start your revision at least 4-5 weeks before your examination. First develop a proper revision strategy by making a time table and then try to adjust more time in your schedule for those subjects in which you are weak. Divide all the subjects in days and mark all the topics that you need to revise earlier than the rest.

    Arrange Your Materials For Revision

    You would end up wasting your time if you keep searching your study material i.e. your notes and books, when it is the time to revise. Thus, it is recommended that you should gather all the materials at one place before you start the revision because your time is precious, especially when it comes to examination preparation.

    Gather Missing Notes

    The next step is to open your course outline and have a look at all the topics if they are available in your notes. If any of the topics is missing, try to manage its notes as soon as possible. Now arrange all the topics according to the sequence of the course outlines, so that you won’t find any difficulty covering the entire syllabus efficiently during the revision.

    Clear Your Concepts

    Follow your time table and start revising the subject that is in the schedule. Keep in mind that your teacher determines the clarity of your concepts on the subject through the tests or exams and if your concepts are not clear, he will ruthlessly trash your paper without second thoughts. Therefore, when you start your revision, always begin with the clarification of all your concepts.

    Utilize Past Papers

    After you have finished revising the entire syllabus, now take a look at your past papers so that you may determine important questions and the paper pattern. You may find your past papers from the official site of your college, or if they are not available there, then you may ask your teachers to give you those papers.

    Basically, past papers provide you a general idea of the type of questions that examiners usually give in the exams. At least, it will be beneficial for you during the examination when any difficult question is asked in the paper and you may be somewhat familiar with it just because you had already solved it in your past papers.

    Give Revision Test

    After revising each subject, test yourself by giving a mock test. Practice mock tests as much as you possibly could so that you may assess yourself and determine your level of preparation.

    Another idea is to give yourself a reward if the marks on the mock tests are in your favor. Have chocolate, pasta, macroni or any other dish that you like. It will not only be a refreshing activity but also a good motivation for you to score high marks in the actual tests as well.

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      Superb article! Liked your post completely. Peer pressure to perform well and grasping the topics for long hours during exam period are really frustrating. This blog will certainly help the students to make a scheduled revision time. And, we all known revision is the key of performance in examination.

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        You have done a great job! Some are in fact unbelievably amusing and compelling. Really enjoyed it.

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      We all understand the importance of revision. Most work hard at it, but we don’t always work well at it. As with any other aspect of your studies, you need to organise your time and plan your revision in advance.

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