The 4 Deadliest Mistakes That Can Hurt Your College Admission Process!

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  • College admission is the next important stage in a student’s life once the tertiary education is over. However, this is definitely not an easier decision to make as you have to look for the right course in the right institution to ensure a secure future. Despite the fact that college admission is a critical step towards your career, many students tend to make mistakes at this stage. Sometimes, it is about the trivial inconsistencies, while sometimes it is about writing an impactful application that causes the problem.

    Nevertheless, if you really want to make the right impression on the admission committee, then it is equally important that you must also know the don’ts of a college admission process along with its do’s. By having a complete understanding of all the “Don’ts”, you will be able to best tackle the entire process and minimize the chances of rejection.

    Providing Wrong Information

    Students often provide incorrect details during an interview to impress the interviewer, which ultimately does more harm than good. Sometimes, students exaggerate their achievements and in other instances they indicate something in their college application that is not true. This results in termination of their application and they lose an opportunity due to their dishonest attitude.

    Colleges have a disliking for candidates who are insincere. No college admission panel would approve the admission of a candidate who pretends to be someone that he is not in reality. Admission committee always verifies every detail indicated in an application or communicated directly by the candidate. The committee will never reject deserving candidate for someone who lies to get the admission.

    Procrastination Kills Chances Of Your Application

    Students often take too much time before working on their college admission that only delays the things. Often, students procrastinate under the wrong impression that they will do it somehow in the end. This eventually causes an unnecessary delay in submission of the application and creates a sense of rush that only deteriorates the quality of the application.

    Nothing is more deadly in a college admission application than procrastination. When students delay things till the last minute, they only build up a pressure that causes significant lapses in the application. In an attempt to do the things in haste, they mess up the things and end up with plenty of mistakes. Therefore, it is important that one do the preparations in advance and arrange all the documents so that everything goes perfectly well.

    Failure To Follow The Guidelines

    Students often fail to comply with the rules related to their college admission. In a hurry to submit the application form, they fail to provide the necessary things to the college. Ultimately, the college rejects the application of such student due to lack of information or incompliance with the provided specifications.

    A college admission application is a formal process that needs fulfillment of all requirements. The admission panel will never consider a college application that lacks any vital information regardless of how well you have written an admission essay or performed at the interview.

    Poorly Written College Essay

    Students who take the admission essay for granted often end up with a mediocre quality. Consequently, they make an unattractive impression on the review panel that dramatically weakens their position.

    No college application can be considered without a proper admission essay. Unfortunately, many students write an essay just to fulfill a requirement. This is absolutely not acceptable as a college essay helps the admission committee understand the candidate’s personality and his beliefs. Therefore, one must always make sure that the essay is descriptive, and that it precisely meets the instructions of the college.

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