6 Worst Effects of Sleep Deprivation On College Students & Its Solutions

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  • Sleep deprivation is fairly prevalent among students mainly because of unusual stress that occurs due to the burden of tests, quizzes and assignments, late night studies, endless club activities and tough study schedules.

    Unfortunately, this problem is not stagnant, but it is increasing day by day at a rapid speed.

    In most of cases, sleep deprivation emerges or escalates during the examination month when students are found burning midnight oil in order to secure best grades.

    If nothing is done to curb this menace, it may cause serious health disorders in students.

    Here are some of the common side effects that are caused due to sleep deprivation.

    Missing Out On Lectures

    When students experience lack of sleep, they do not feel fresh and energetic in their daily activities. Consequently, they don’t feel like attending college lectures at all and end up missing out on lectures that are important for their semesters or finals.

    Students who miss out on their lectures usually obtain low grades, as it becomes difficult for them to understand the topic during the days of exam preparation.

    Poor Performance In the Classroom

    Because of sleep deprivation, students don’t perform well in their classrooms as well. When teacher asks any question, they fail to answer because they are unable to concentrate well on the topic.
    According to specialists, students who sleep less than 6 hours are always weak in their studies. This is because ‘sleep’ is a basic need, and when that important need is not fulfilled, efficiency of student gets hampered.

    Weak Memory Retention

    Have you ever observed that people who sleep less than usual are more forgetful and absentminded? Yes, it is all because of sleep deprivation.  To allow your brain performs at its best throughout the day, you need 7-8 hours of sleep and when this need is kept fulfilled, your efficiency decreases significantly.

    Increased Chances Of Stroke

    According to a research conducted in 2012, people who experience lack of sleep, i.e., less than 6 hours have greater chances of experiencing stroke. Moreover, those people have 4 times increased chances of experiencing a stroke than a normal person.

    Increased Tendency To Commit Mistake

    Students who feel tired all day long when they sleep less are prone to committing mistakes unintentionally while reading, writing and answering quizzes and tests.

    Grumpy Behavior

    Lack of sleep makes a student peevish and sulky. In fact, such students don’t even feel like talking to their friends and family. They prefer to stay isolated in a room without any interference. However, it is crucial for a student to be extrovert in his social circle.
    People never want to mingle with a person having sulky behavior. Crabby nature, caused due to sleep deprivation, creates a distance between a student and his classmates that may consequently harm his academic performance.

    Slot Response

    Some students take a long time to think the answer of the question that teacher asks suddenly during the class or surprise test. It happens mostly because such students stay awake all night long. Consequently, they are unable to stay attentive during the lecture.

    Students who fulfill their need of ‘sleep’ are not only sharp and smart but also responsive than those who sleep less.

    How To Avoid Sleep Deprivation

    Scientifically humans are called as diurnal mammals which means they sleep at night and stay awake during the day. To work efficiently during the day, it is essential to fulfill your ‘sleeping’ need. Here are some useful tips for students to avoid sleep deprivation.

    • Wind up your work early at night, and try to go to sleep as soon as possible.
    • Choose a comfortable place to sleep that is free from distractions.
    • Avoid thinking about stressful things when you go to bed, instead recall the memories that make you happy.
    • Make sure that your room is quiet i.e. free from noises.

    Adored by her colleagues at work and loved by her family at home, Stewart Agron is a gentle soul that loves the beauty that mother nature has to offer. Though by profession she’s a digital marketer at firm, Dissertationarena.co.uk, She also has a keen interest in graphic designing as well and when she is not busy with her work, she usually spends her time playing around with adobe photoshop and illustrator.

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