DUI: Why It’s A Common Offense For College Students And What It Means For Your Future

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  • For some college students, drinking and driving has become a scary routine of college life. This is an unfortunate reality that many college students face around the world. Due to the frequency of college students are partying and driving under the influence, the amount of DUI cases filed against college students is steadily rising.

    While under the influence, a college student may not think what this could mean for his or her future. However, a DUI can alter the life path of anyone, college students especially. College is a time where you are dedicating a good part of your time and energy in order to obtain an education in a specified field. For many majors, your entire education could go from priceless to worthless within minutes. A charge like DUI can quickly eliminate opportunities that would otherwise be available to the student.

    Mitigating Damage from DUI

    A student who unfortunately finds that they are being charged with DUI must be quick to act in order to mitigate the amount of damage done to their life. Many students, ignorant of what can happen with such a charge, laugh it off the next day with their friends. However, it is very important that you find a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. A criminal defense lawyer in Utah specializes in defending people in criminal cases and mitigating the amount of damage that the judge or court will do. Often times, criminal defense lawyers can have charges dropped, change to less severe charges and lower court fines and penalties.

    Ways to Avoid DUI

    There are many ways that college students can avoid ever being charged with DUI. One of the most common ways to avoid DUI is to have a designated driver. Within your group of friends, rotate who will be the sober designated driver. Each time your group of friends goes out, a new person takes the role of being the designated driver. This allows most of your friends to carry on as they would and also have a safe way home that they can trust. This is the best way to avoid ever getting a DUI. Another way to avoid getting a DUI is to call a taxi at the end of the night. Although you do have to pay for a Taxi, it is a very low cost compared to the penalties associated with DUI, not to mention the dangers you impose on yourself or others. Make a choice to never drive after drinking, no matter the situation.

    How To Cope

    If you have a DUI, it’s important that you accept the consequences and move on with your life. Find out how having a DUI on your record will impact certain jobs you want after graduation. You may have to make changes in your career path to get where you want to go with work. Find out what you can do to lessen the negative effects it will have on your future career, and learn about programs to help you deal with the emotional turmoil you may be experiencing. Depending on the school’s policies, you may have to move out of student housing or attend classes a semester later than planned. Be sure to know your rights and understand the effects of a DUI before making choices for your education and career.

    It is important to never put yourself in a situation where you can be convicted of DUI. Such convictions can easily limit your opportunities in nearly any professional field. If you do unfortunately find yourself in that situation, it is of the most importance that you procure a criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible.

    Anita is a freelance writer from Denver, CO and often writes about home, education, finance and business. A mother of two, she enjoys traveling with her family when she isn’t writing. Talking to a criminal defense lawyer in Utah is critical when facing DUI charges.

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