5 Essential Tips in Fighting Depression in College

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  • Psychiatric disorder is a common problem in college. The pressure that comes with study and the separation from parents and lifelong friends is very overwhelming. How to deal with the depression is what really matters most as in many cases it is unavoidable.  There is a common factor noted in many depression cases; most of these students experience a lot of sadness, feeling of worthlessness, loss of interest especially in the social activities that was signified by withdrawal in many of the students. So how do we deal with this problem in college?

    1. Exercise

    The overall impact of physical activities helps greatly in fighting depression. The release of body neurotransmitters creates a positive feeling in the body that helps to elude the feeling of depression in the body. However, this works for mild and moderate depression and not severe depression.

    2. Balance school life

    The idea is not to be a hermit in school, even in pursuit of excellent grades it is invaluable to take up other activities and socialize with others in school. College should be a place where we not only develop and grow intellectually but also socially. It is about setting priorities right and creating a balance to college life.

    3. Counseling Services

    A great deal of investments is channeled towards the department of counseling in schools. This department is specifically mandated to help deal with the psychiatric problem experiences by the students. The students however are reluctant to utilize these facilities. The problem is not their individual self but rather the stigma that clouds anyone who sorts counseling in the department. It has hindered many of the students who need help to keep away. It is however a fundamental component of college system that helps deal with students facing depression.

    4. Technology

    Homesickness is a common problem that most freshmen will experience as soon as they join college. The idea of being away from your friends and family is simply hard to deal with in the first year of college; however, technology has come in handy. With the advanced technology in place it is possible to keep in constant touch with friends and family. The technology platform has created a social circle that could as well be the same as having the people you love close to you. We also need to understand the importance of making new friends in the new environment. This not only helps to diversify and expand your ideas, but it also helps to know other people around you and in the process helps you socialize with them.

    5. Regular sleeping pattern

    It is important to establish a regular sleeping pattern within your daily schedule. Sleep is very important as it helps ward off depression and also relax the mind. It creates a huge chance in development of the mind. From the recent years it has been proven that sleep helps in the growth and development of brain cells. This is a way of brain formation which essentially increases brain capacity.

    Depression can be avoided by adopting healthy living system. A good lifestyle in college and living a holistic life will go a long way in ensuring a depression free and healthy life. The above discussed points on how to fight depression forms a simple basis which goes a long way in ensuring proper living in college.

    Author bio: Ben is an academic tutor teaching high school and college students how to write different types of essays. One of his recent instructional articles is on how to write a good argumentative essay.

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