Interesting Career Opportunities For History Loving Students

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  • When a person loves history, there are many different career paths that can be followed. Unlike other subjects that are defined and specific, majoring in this area will open the door to many possible employment opportunities. History is the preservation of the past and a key part of the future. Here are five careers that start with a major in history.

    Historical Researcher

    Many graduates who hold this type of degree will begin a job in the field of research. Many times, a person will work in a museum or similar organization. It is also possible to research the past of a town or city. Facts including landmarks, population, and other information is carefully researched and recorded. It is also possible to conduct research on the corporate level. Many business owners will hire a researcher to study the past of a company, its owners, and financial status as well.

    Law and Historical Preparation

    History is a discipline that teaches a person about critical thinking and how to write effectively. This allows a person to make clear and convincing arguments. Nothing is more important in the legal profession than being able to successfully argue in a concise manner. In the beginning, a person with a degree in this area may start as a legal assistant. This person will research law concerning precedents that deal with a particular case of interest. After passing the bar exam, a person with this degree will be able to research past rulings to further a case. It will also help a lawyer argue a successful and convincing case inside of the courtroom.

    Teaching History

    Many people who love this area of study choose to pass the enthusiasm onto future generations. Schools and universities are always hiring teachers. Teaching elementary or high school students means passing on the basics to young people. It gives a broad picture of the world’s past to youthful minds. To teach on the college level, a person will pursue a doctorate degree in a specific area of study in this subject. Besides lecturing, a professor is often involved in research and the creation of new ideas in the field.

    Journalists With a Background in This Subject

    Historians have great communication skills. They are excellent writers and often find employment with publishers of textbooks, historical novels, or other publications. History majors make good journalists because they understand the need to verify information, write clearly, and think in an analytical manner. With experience, a person may become an editor who determines the legitimacy of print items and organizes data in the correct order. It may be helpful to take few writing courses as well.

    Historians in the Business World

    A person with this major may find employment in the business environment. Many managers are hired to archive and record documents. For example, a historian may work for an insurance company evaluating records that are linked to actuarial studies or case histories.

    Certain historians may also go to work for a nonprofit association. There are many organizations on state, local, or national levels that require the skills that are possessed by a history major. For instance, website management, programs management, and administrative positions are all open to historians.

    Completing a bachelor’s degree in this area will open all sorts of doors to a person who loves history. People with this major are trained to communicate efficiently, understand complex situations, and ask questions that may be hard to interpret or answer. A true historian will enjoy a liberal education filled with classes that expand the comprehension of man’s past. It can lead to an exciting adventure among a vast array of job opportunities.

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    Ryan Ayers is a writer who creates informative articles in relation to education. In this article, he explains a few career opportunities dealing with history and aims to encourage further study with a military history degree.

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