Interesting Careers for Daring Students

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  • Are you looking for a career that is exciting? Do you want to go to work every morning knowing that each new day will bring something different? If the answer to these questions is yes, you need to carefully consider your choice of a major in college to ensure that you will find a position that meets both of these qualifications. Some of the degrees that will help you get the daring dream job you desire are listed below.

    Fire Science

    Your parents probably told you countless times not to play with fire. This was for good reasons, as fire is very dangerous and unpredictable. Working in a fire related field can certainly bring you challenges you have never faced before. A fire science degree can help you land a variety of positions. Of course, the most well-known fire related career is firefighter. This is an immensely rewarding career path; you not only get to work with fire, but you also get satisfaction of helping people and saving lives. You could also consider becoming a fire inspector or fire marshall, working with other law enforcement bodies to investigate the causes and ramifications of fires. Equipped with a fire science degree, you are sure to find a job that will challenge you on a daily basis.

    Criminal Justice

    A criminal justice degree is another viable avenue you could try in your pursuit of an exciting career. Criminal justice is a broad field; the lessons you learn in this major will enable you to choose from many different positions. You could become a police officer; within this occupation, you may choose to work at the local or state level. If you would prefer to work at the national level, you could also consider the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Homeland Security, or the Department of Defense. Regardless of whether you choose one of these or another alternative, a career in criminal justice is sure to present the obstacles you seek. Learn about even more criminal justice career options.

    Electrical Line Worker

    Electric companies always warn us that power lines are never safe to touch…unless you are a line worker of course. Line workers are those brave individuals who repair wires so that we can utilize the technology we rely on so heavily. They use proper safety equipment, but nevertheless face enormous risk each day they go to work. They are rewarded handsomely in the form of a generous salary.

    Not every company requires that you have a college degree, but it can only improve your chances of being hired by an electrical company. Many community colleges and technical schools also offer specialized one or two year programs for those wishing to embark on a study of this field. If you are a daring individual who does not mind putting his or her life on the line, this is certainly a degree and career path to consider.

    Aviation or Aeronautics Degree

    A common dream is having the power to fly. With an aviation or aeronautics degree, you open up a whole realm of exciting career opportunities for yourself. Learning to fly a plane or helicopter is a thrilling experience; imagine if you could be paid to do it! With an aviation or aeronautics degree, you could become a commercial pilot, flying people to exciting destinations all over the country or even the world. If you prefer something a little more unpredictable, you could consider becoming a military pilot. There are many intricacies involved in an aviation career, so you will constantly be challenged by the need to stay at the top of your game all the time.

    Of course, these are only a few of many daring career options available; do not be afraid to go out on a limb and challenge yourself!

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    Ryan Ayers writes in the field in education. In this article, he offers a few unique and daring career opportunities for students and aims to encourage further study with a Bachelors in Fire Science.

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