Make Extra Cash From The Seasonal Closet Clean Up

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  • Are you planning to clean up your closet and get rid of all the clothes you are not intending to wear anymore? Don’t throw the old clothing away because you can earn some money from selling the stuff you dislike. Many people tend to buy clothes, place them in the wardrobe and not wearing them even once.

    You probably have a pile of brand – new items you bought with the aim of putting them on for a special occasion or you just made the purchase because they were on sale. Whatever, your reason was, it’s time to start the seasonal cleaning and get a refund of your money. All the clothes and accessories you consider to be ugly or out of fashion might meet the criteria of somebody else who cannot afford it to buy them if not on sale.

    Remember to be realistic about the price you want to sell your clothes on. You might have spent a fortune on the dress that don’t fit you anymore but don’t expect to sell it at the same price you bought it. Put your organisational skills into practice, divide the unwanted stuff into several piles, in accordance to the season and think of the best way to sell it.

    There is one important thing you have to do before trying to sell your clothes – make them look neat. Clean the stains, if any, launder and iron every item, repair the missing buttons, pay attention to the holes and rips.

    • Let your friends know that you are making a significant cleaning of your wardrobe and you are selling brand – new looking items at fantastic prices. They might be interested in buying something or they will, at least tell their friends about the appealing offer. If you have some more free time, you can organise an event where all your friends and relatives can bring their unwanted clothing and you can take care of it, sell it and share the money.
    • Make a yard sale. That’s the most convenient and inexpensive method for selling the unwanted items. If you have ever been to a yard sale you know that such an “event” is beneficial for both sides. The seller is content for cleaning their place and making more room and the buyer can get the items they need at a fair price.
    • However, if you have some expensive designer clothes, the yard sale is not really the best selling method. You’d better opt for making a profile in one of the popular online platforms that connect buyers and sellers from all over the country, make pictures of the clothes and upload them in your profile. Then, you can negotiate with your clients about the price, the payment method, the shipping etc.
    • Do some research and see if there are places in your town that buy old clothes in order to re – sell them in the second hand shops. If you have such an option of selling your clothes at once, don’t hesitate to take the chance, earn some money and save yourself time and unnecessary hassle.
    • Donate the items you couldn’t sell. You are not going to make any money but you can definitely ask for a tax write – off and depending on your donation, you can get a significant discount. Plus, the feeling of helping somebody who is in a difficult situation is so pleasant. You can also donate the clothes that are really damaged and therefore inappropriate for selling, to a non – profit organisation where they can be recycled.

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