Mobile Based Learning and Social Media: The Future of Education

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  • The social media networks were introduced for people to interact with each other easily. Latest mobile devices let people us to connect within moments to their loved one or relatives and share information. The effect has left people’s minds continuously having to respond to all the streaming live data and perceive and interpret it as swiftly as the next information stream comes. Thus, in this period that is commanded by constant information and a new manner to be social, would not it naturally make sense that teachers would alter the approach they communicate with their learners?  They are ultimately at the heart of this cultural shift.

    Academicians are now pushed to teach in a manner that is creative and lets the learners to think self-sufficiently. Learners should be completely capable of responding to the data or information exposed to them as fast and responsively as their short attention time allows. As our brains are moving and changing to the approach we show our response to data, it is obviously very natural that academicians change the approach they provide information/data to learners. Children are exploring latest smartphone devices when they are in diapers and most of them are experts at the iPads by kindergarten. So, how do we create an appealing classroom environment where students engage all the day and explore new things?

    Empower and Motivate Students to Share Work on Social Networks

    In an online course environment, learners can assess work of their classmates to improve their own assignments. Students can share and tag their artwork on Flick and Twitter.  They can also use Facebook social network as well. It is important that a teacher speak to reach his or her audience in a way that their students understand language easily. This is the attitude teachers need to have as they teach and work in lives of students to make a difference.

    Have Learners Keep a Blog

    Teachers should make students keep a “trends” blog to maintain healthy activity and keep them reading pertinent informative blogs. Moreover, this approach will keep them constantly familiar with hyperlinks, image embeds and the capability of citing sources digitally. They can be capable of finding their voices as writers, but in a digital era where they can develop their own presence on the Internet. This is invaluable to educate learners as they learn to comprehend the worth of a digital presence for their professional careers.

    Employ Hashtags to Facilitate Debates and Discussions

    Nowadays, people are employing Twitter for getting news promptly.  If academicians let students to participate in discussions through Twitter and make tweets, or hashtag the school and class, this approach established invaluable to the means students comprehend the given information.

    Social media networks, learning through mobile devices and other wireless technologies in the classroom setting are in fact the future of world education. Basically, students enjoy learning and are involved when they get to use advanced and latest technological wireless devices in the classroom. If you are a teacher and your institution is ready to start and integrate a programme for sophisticated mobile based technology in your classroom, your students will find new and innovative things every day. This approach will help students, but also teachers greatly.

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    John Kelly is a passionate writer having about 7 years of experience in the same industry. Nowadays he is helping students through providing new technologies and use of social media to enhance their learning abilities. At this time, he is a part of a genuine custom writing service firm who offers student to purchase an essay online for their better academic career.

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