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Moving to college. The tips you should know when loading heavy furnishings

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  • The big and heavy furnishings can also be loaded in the moving van quickly and easily, especially if you know the basic tips and tricks to make moving to college easier. The choice of the moving van is another essential factor, especially if you hire only a van and you do everything else by yourself. Check out the other tips:

    Tip 1: Spread out tasks between all the family members, but keep in mind that the hustle and bustle when loading/unloading the van is something that you want to avoid. Only the strongest family members should handle the biggest and heaviest furnishings.

    Tip 2: Choose the perfect van for furniture removals with big and heavy items. The perfect van is often the one that can fit all your possessions in the safest and most efficient way. The safest way means that there should be enough free space left so you can get in the cargo space, rotate, turn and lift the big pieces of furniture. The most efficient van means that you want the volume of the van to be just perfect for the huge furnishings and in the same time as small as possible, which is the main factor that determines the total cost of the relocation.

    Tip 3: Choose a van, according to the amenities. For instance, it should be much easier to load and unload the giant furnishings if renting a van with a hydraulic rear ramp. If you plan to move only with a few furnishings at a close distance, then rent a van with a sliding side door, which offers a number of other advantages when loading or unloading your possessions.

    Tip 4: Ensure the best protection for your items. This is a very important step and it should take place quite in advance. The loading and the unloading of the van are the two moments when your possessions are most vulnerable to scratches, hits, rolling, turning and other unwanted impacts. Use wrappings, ropes, heavy-duty tapes, card boxes, edge protectors and other tools to protect your furnishings when lifting and handling.

    Tip 5: Organize your helpers in advance. Decide how many helpers you will need – whether you will do everything by yourself or only with the strongest family members. Or else, hire a professional man and van company with experienced helpers.

    Tip 6: Choose the right moving day. If you move in a day with stronger winds or with heavy rain and snow – then it would be much more difficult to handle the big furnishings even if they are in boxes.

    Tip 7: Inspect the route between the front door and the van. Get rid of any imperfections such as branches, rocks, etc., as well as remember the exact location of the stairs, the turns, the bushes, the fence and all other obstacles.

    Tip 8: Use gliding blankets especially when loading the van. The gliding blankets help move the objects without the risk of either scratching the floor of the van or the object itself.

    Tip 9: Ensure the perfect organization of the cargo space – the heaviest and biggest furnishings are first to load, but if you have to unload them first at the new location, then everything becomes vice-versa.

    Tip 10: Dismantle the objects if possible. This will save a lot from the valuable floor space of the moving van, will make the handling and the loading easier, and will reduce the chance of damaging the legs of the dining table, for example.

    Tip 11: Call professional movers specialized in some specific areas if needed. There are companies with teams only for piano moving, for fitness or library removals, and for other specific pieces of furniture.

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