Things to Prepare Before Entering University

before entering college

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  • Starting university life is an exciting and apprehensive experience for any student like you.

    But don’t to worry. Almost everybody can’t forget the part of university life because it is the best experience in their lives.

    If you are going to start your university life in abroad it might be more exciting, but it may be the life-changing event for your life.

    In this article we will give you some exclusive tips from our perspective to help you prepare for this great adventure.

    1. Arrange your accommodation in a new place

    Most of the university in the world provide accommodation opportunity for the newcomers. Housing is the basic need for human body, especially when you are in a new place.

    Though you have the opportunity to stay outside of your campus, it will not be the right decision. Because living in the hall allows you to meet new people. And you know that facing something new is the opportunity to learn something special.

    Generally, University offers different types of accommodation like separate male and female hall, single or double bedroom, etc. some institution like Christ University allows you to world-class accommodation facility.

    2. Financial Issue

    The financial issue seems like the least important task when you start your university, but you should be clear on your funding process before your fresher’s week.

    It would better to open a student bank account at the very beginning of your orientation. There are so many banks who offer attractive incentives for the students.

    If you are planning on receiving a scholarship from the government, the process is slightly complicated. So, be careful about the issue. To avoid the financial problem, you should spend in a controlled way. You may create a plan and maintain a diary for daily accounts. It is an effective way to control your expense.

    3. Prepare your academic paper

    Though we live in a digital world, it is necessary to keep the hard copy of our academic document simultaneously soft copy. It would better to keep the soft copy in the online drive like google drive, Dropbox or other online storage. It will allow you to get this copy from anywhere in the world.

    4. Learn cooking

    Cooking is an excellent skill for both male and female. When you are outside from your home for a long time, you should have this skill for survival. It will help to reduce your food cost. You know, how expensive the restaurant food is! Besides, it may be unhealthy sometime.

    There are a lot of resources you will find to learn cook like recipe books, YouTube or others recipe website. Just search on the goggle with the keywords.

    5. Quality time with friends and families

    Spending quality times with friends and family before leaving your beloved home will provide you extra confidence to start your new adventure. If you need to go abroad, it will be a long-time distance to meet your beloved ones. So, quality time with them makes you fresh and confident.

    6. Decide what to take

    It is a hesitating concern to select what you should consider and what should not. If you leave your home for a long time and go to another country, you may avoid the little things.

    Make a list of your essential and necessary things. It would reduce your extra cost. If you fly on airlines, remember the limitations of weight and goods. Never forget to bear the insurance card of your health and other gadgets like your laptops, smartphones or tablets.

    During packing of the goods, never carry the sophisticated things with the other products. It may be the reason of damage to valuable items.

    7. Join your university’s fresher’s Facebook page

    It is vital, and it will make a real difference. You will be up to date by this page and quickly know the latest plan and program regarding the ceremony.

    It will help to familiar with your bath mates and other friends. You will be in a relationship with them before your formal start.

    8.Create a messenger group for batch mates

    Connectivity is the key to success in life. It will make your life more comfortable and hassle-free. Connection with all of your batch mates helps you on of all your academic works. You can easily interchange your knowledge with your friends. After all, sharing is caring.

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    9. Find a student-friendly job

    Doing a job in the student life will add value to your CV and career. No matter how money do you have, you should do a low-pressure job like teaching assistant. It will provide not only but also valuable skill and communication power. Extra money from this sector reduces your financial pressure also.

    10. Connect with your university

    If you are an international student, you should be well connected with your varsity. If you face any problem where you have nobody to help you, your university will be the best option.

    Connection with the stuff of the varsity allows you some extra facilities regarding both academic and daily life.

    Hope it will help you to get a clear concept on things prepares before entering university.

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