4 Ways to Prepare to Enter the Workforce in Your Last Semester of College

prepare to enter the workforce

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  • One semester left until graduation and you are beginning to realize how daunting the professional world truly is.

    Don’t let fear hold you back.

    Use the following tips to take charge of your future and stand out from the crowd.


    Build Your Network

    Sifting through the web of potential jobs can be daunting. Instead, start by looking to the people you already know and respect. Reach out to current professors, past employers, family connections and fellow alumni. These individuals are key resources to help give advice and point you towards the perfect opportunity.

    Though many amazing jobs are listed on online search engines, beware of missing out on the perfect opportunity right in front of you. In many industries, the saying “it’s about who you know” proves to be true. Many people end up landing their first jobs through people within their network.

    Identify Potential Employers

    Before applying to every job you see available, make a list of potential employers in your field. Look through the job listings on these companies’ websites and take note of specific skills and qualifications highlighted in job listings.

    Are there skills you’re still lacking? Taking the time to acquire any extra qualifications will make sure you are prepared when it comes time to apply.

    This may also help you look for any trends in the industry you are seeking. There may be similarities in job listings as far as qualifications and duties go. It will give you a taste of the type of work you will likely be doing to ensure you find a listing that is the perfect fit.

    Craft a Killer Resume

    Hiring professionals sift through dozens, if not hundreds or thousands, of resumes a day. Ensuring that your resume stands out from the stack is a key strategy to getting noticed. There are many resources online sharing how to craft a resume that gets noticed including this helpful article by Indeed.com.

    A few of the most important tips are to keep it simple and readable, include only the most relevant job experience and qualifications, and utilize strong action verbs. Be sure to highlight skills on your resume which are specifically mentioned in job postings. Savvy applicants will tailor their resume to the needs each job application.

    other valuable tips:

    Look the Part

    If you want to be taken seriously, start dressing and acting the part. Invest in a wardrobe that will help you stand out among your peers and fit in with the professionals. While you’re out building your network, nothing says you’re confident and prepared like handing over a chic business card. Quality and affordable business card printing is readily available online. This attention to detail will make you memorable to potential employers.

    Following these tips, you are sure conquer fear and stand prepared and confident as you step into the workforce following graduation. But most importantly, be patient and stay calm. The perfect job is just around the corner.

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