How to Keep Tidy as a Busy University Student

keep tidy at college

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  • When you are attending college, you may not have much time, but you must still have a tidy apartment or residence hall room.

    Here are some of the ways to keep your place clean and functional despite having a busy schedule.


    Get Rid of Clutter

    Avoid having a lot of clutter in your residence hall or apartment because it makes it more difficult to keep clean. Minimizing your possessions makes it faster to dust and vacuum because you don’t need to move things to reach bookshelves or carpeting. If you have too many dishes or pans, then it is easy to get into the habit of permitting things to pile up on the countertops or in the sink.

    Organize Your Possessions

    Take time to organize the items in your apartment or room so that it is easier to keep the space clean. You can buy items to keep yourself organized by looking at online or nearby stores for plastic totes, hanging storage devices or shelving systems. Make labels for the different containers and organizing devices to remember where to store your possessions.

    Keep Your Clothing Clean

    During the week, you should sort your clothing into laundry baskets each night as you are preparing for bed. With this method, you will have laundry baskets that are filled and ready for a laundromat, such as this Bloomfield laundromat. Plan to wash and dry your clothing when the self-serve laundry facility isn’t as busy. This is usually early in the morning or late at night rather than on a weekend.

    Have a Daily and Weekly Schedule for Cleaning

    You likely have a schedule for your university classes, so you should also have a personal schedule for other activities. Have a plan in place for cleaning the kitchen after meals to avoid any problems from insects or rodents. It is important to sanitize a bathroom at least once a week, so you should schedule a time to complete this chore.

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    Learn How to Multitask

    Learn how to multitask so that you can clean while you are doing something else. You can listen to a professor’s recorded lecture while you are dusting your furniture or putting away laundry. When you are watching television, you can scurry into the kitchen to wash dishes during the commercials.

    It Is Part of Growing Up

    Understanding how to keep your room or apartment clean is part of the growing up process, and when you are learning how to do this while you are a college student, it will make you ready to care for a larger home in a few years.

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