Six Dangerous Habits Often Developed During College That Can Impact Your Future

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  • With college comes the first taste of freedom that many teenagers have. It is a time for young people to explore and discover who they really are. However, some of these habits that college students pick up have lasting impacts on the person’s life.

    1. Procrastination

    College students are notorious for procrastinating on their assignments. Their professor gives them an assignment and it isn’t due until the end of the semester. The student decides he or she has plenty of time and waits until the last minute and then crams it all into several nights of no sleep. The reason that professors give long term assignments is to teach students the importance of time management. If they don’t learn it while in college, they may find it hard to meet deadlines employers set later in life.

    2. Sharing Too Much on Social Media

    It is a problem with many youth today. They document every moment of their day. Selfies, endless status updates, and party pictures are damaging later in life. Once something is sent out into the internet world, it is hard to ever erase it. Often times, employers will do web checks on potential employees. If there are too many pictures of that person drinking, they probably won’t get the job.

    3. Drinking

    Drinking can be a real problem with college students. Alcohol is readily available for college students, and it is dangerous. And the problem doesn’t end with getting a DUI. Drinking can have serious health implications. When the student realizes they have a problem or if someone realizes they have a problem, they should get help immediately. There are several options available including recovery programs that offer intensive outpatient treatment. Addictions should be addressed as soon as possible, so it doesn’t consume your life.

    4. Eating Unhealthy

    College dining halls are not exactly known for their food. There is a reason that people warn about the freshman fifteen. Students will either eat junk food that they have in the dorm room, get take out, or some other unhealthy option. Not eating right may not affect the student while in college, but the plaque may build up in the student’s arteries causing problems in the future.

    5. Taking on Too Much

    Besides classes, many students will also work either part-time or full-time jobs. Combine this with a heavy course load and students may become overwhelmed. It is important not to burn out. If the student has to work full-time, they should ensure that they do not take several upper level courses at the same time. Spreading them out will ease the pressure.

    6. Excessive Spending

    College students are notorious for taking out too many credit cards and maxing out the credit limit. What they fail to realize is that credit card debit will have a serious impact on their credit score. This will become important when they go to buy a car or a house.

    While college is a time for young people to discover who they are, they have to realize that what they do now will impact the rest of their lives. They need to know when to ask for help and where to get help.

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