Six Reasons to Consider a Career in Sales

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  • If you are in the process of deciding what sort of career you’d like to study for, or are thinking about changing careers, then it can be hard to know what the right path for you would be.

    You want a career where there is enough demand to mean you won’t have too much trouble finding work, but also one that you find engaging and are likely to want to stick with long term.

    It is also important to pick a career that isn’t likely to become obsolete in the near future thanks to trends or changing technology.

    One career that has a lot to offer is sales, and for the right type of person, a career in sales can be a route to real prosperity.

    ere are six reasons why it is worth considering sales as your possible next career. If you are interested in doing it, then you can find out more about sales training and compare different sales training courses here.

    You Can Find a Field That Interests You

    Sales people are needed in just about every conceivable sector, and so you are certain to be able to find a field to work in as a sales person that you personally find interesting and engaging. From selling cars to IT solutions, pharmaceuticals to houses, you can make a career for yourself selling whatever you like with the right training and sales skills. If you go online to FindCourses findcourses and compare different sales training courses using their search engine, you’ll see the range of options that are available to get involved in.

    Another point to add to this is that this means that if you feel like you have gone as far as you can go in one field of sales, or simply feel like a switch, you’ll have plenty of options if you want to move onto selling something else.

    Work How You Want to

    Another reason why sales can make for a great career is that it is versatile in terms of how you want to work. You can find sales jobs that require you to fly all over the world and pitch to clients face to face, or ones where you work over the phone or online. You can also find different types of payment options, from permanent sales jobs with target driven bonuses, through to jobs where you work solely on commission but can make very lucrative deals.

    Naturally, this doesn’t mean that this kind of flexibility is available in every sector or with every employer but choosing sales as a career will enable you to intentionally seek out jobs where you get to work the way that suits you best.

    Learn Business Skills

    A lot of people these days like the idea of starting their own business, and just about every entrepreneur needs to understand how to sell. By learning sales skills and gaining some experience working in a sales capacity, you’ll develop attributes that could really help you a lot if you have the ultimate goal of going into any kind of business for yourself, or becoming self-employed.

    While some people learn as they go in sales after starting up a business, the entrepreneurs who already have a sales background tend to be the most confident in this crucial aspect of business and are also best able to convince investors that they have what it takes to make their business work. Some sales training and experience is therefore a massive boon if you like the idea of running a start up in the future.

    Sales Can be Exciting!

    If you are someone who wants a career where every day isn’t the same, and you feel motivated by the rewards that can come with performing well, then sales could well be a good choice for you. It can be exciting to chase up leads, make sales and negotiate deals, and there is nothing quite like the feeling of making an especially good sale, or one you have worked really hard to win.

    While it can be thrilling, this does mean that the sales sector is best for people who are comfortable with jobs that are unpredictable, and where they have to remain motivated all the time. Sales people are offered great incentives, but the competitive nature of the work can make it stressful for some and it is also important to be able to bounce back after an unsuccessful pitch.

    Sales Can Offer Travel Opportunities

    Some sales jobs require representatives to travel all over the country, or even the world, in order to make presentations, negotiate deals, and keep their clients happy. This can make it a great choice if you want a career where you’ll have a chance to see lots of places on a business basis. Of course, not all sales jobs offer or require this, so if it isn’t something you can do, that shouldn’t put you off – employers are usually very clear about how much, if any, travel you would be expected to do with a role.

    Another point on the subject of sales careers and travel is that because sales is so important to just about every business, it is not a skill set that limits you to one location. You should be able to find some form of sales work just about anywhere, so if you don’t want a career that ties you to a major city, for example, then all you need to do is look for sales career paths that are needed everywhere, for example cars or real estate.

    Sales Requires the Human Touch!

    Many people worry about choosing certain types of careers because they may become obsolete. With advances in technology, a lot of people thinking about what careers might suit them need to think about which are most ‘future proof’, and unlikely to be replaced by robots or new online trends during their working life.

    Sales is good in this respect because it is all about human interactions and being able to identify the problems someone is having and offering solutions. This is not something that automated systems can do anywhere near as well as people, so while some things like retail sales are becoming more and more IT driven, it is unlikely that we will see machines replacing sales people in many sectors. People tend to need to trust what they are being told before they buy, whether they are buying for themselves or for their company, and this is something automation simply can’t achieve. Sales should, therefore, be a fairly safe bet for people who want to ensure they have chosen a career that will still be viable in decades to come.

    Having said that, sales people do need to be adaptable to changes in the market. For example, travel is one area where sales has changed drastically in the past 20 years. This means that people who specialize in one type of sales need to be able to respond to industry changes to keep their careers safe.

    As you can see, there are plenty of advantages to thinking about choosing sales as your future career and getting some sales training. Whatever sector you want to work in, you should find that there is a requirement for people with those skills, and you may well be able to get on the path to a well-paid and interesting lifestyle as a professional sales person!

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