Some of the Best Day Camps Rockland County NY Has to Offer

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  • If you are looking for the best day camps Rockland County NY has to offer, you will be happy to know that you are spoiled for choice. There is plenty to do for your child depending on their age, which means they don’t have to spend a minute of their time being bored. Indeed, day camps exist for the full 10 weeks of summer and is suitable for children between the ages of 2 and 9. Furthermore, children can be transported to the camp in fully air-conditioned, comfortable vehicles. The focus of the day camps is to make sure the experience is fun and safe, something that all children are able to not just enjoy, but to benefit from as well.

    The Best Day Camps Rockland County NY Has to Offer Are for all Ages

    Every possible age of children can enjoy the best day camps Rockland County has to offer, but the main focus is on children between the ages of 2 and 9. Hence, activities are delivered in such a way that is suitable for children of these ages too. Some of the activities they can participate in include:

    • Swimming in a pool that has been designed to accommodate children of different ages and different swimming abilities.
    • Various different types of sports, both individual and team.
    • Arts and crafts, for those children who want to express their creativity in a non-physical manner.
    • Themed daily events, which has been shown to give children a certain sense of structure.
    • Music, which truly is an international language and a fantastic way to convey all different types of emotions.
    • Trips and shows, for extra special enjoyment.
    • A fully air conditioned building for indoor play, and air conditioned transport. All children will be comfortable at all times.
    • Excellent programs for rainy days, so that children can still enjoy themselves just as much.
    • Special events like field days, Olympics and carnivals.

    Know that Your Child Is Safe and Happy

    A good day camp allows you to leave your child with confidence, in the knowledge that they will enjoy themselves, and be treated respectfully whilst being kept safe at all times. You should never sign your child up for a program that doesn’t guarantee that as a bare minimum. Additionally, the programs should be designed in such a way that they suit you and your own personal needs. Hence, you can expect:

    • Highly flexible schedules, with activities being available between two and five days per week, every week.
    • A choice of when to send your child to camp, ranging from anything from two days to ten full weeks.
    • The ability to send your child to the camp as and when you please, and not just in a consecutive manner.
    • The ability to send your child to the camp for full days, half days or even parts of the day to suit our own needs.
    • Full, comfortable and safe transportation, allowing you to leave your child with confidence in the facility.


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