Student Health: 4 Ways To Stop a Cold Before It Starts

ways to stop a cold

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  • As a college student, there are a lot of things that keep you busy—and all of them require you to be at your best.

    Whether it be classes, homework, exams, or your extracurricular activities, maintaining your physical and mental well-being is the key to lasting success.

    However, with a hectic lifestyle such as this, it’s common for your immune system to lower, increasing your chances of getting sick and feeling miserable. To keep you on top of your game this cold and flu season, make sure you know a few effective ways to stop a cold before it starts.

    Keep Your Body Hydrated

    When you think you’re starting to feel a cold coming on, the first thing you should do is drink more water. Hydration is crucial for a number of bodily functions, including its ability to flush out any toxins that are threatening it. It also helps to relieve many of your initial symptoms, such as a sore throat and sinus congestion.

    Because of this, it’s one of the best things you can do to get rid of these germs before they can become a full-fledged illness. Therefore, make sure you’re keeping a water bottle on you at all times.

    Get a Lot of Rest

    The next best thing you can do for your body is to get more rest. There are several reasons why sleep is important for your health—but among the most vital is what it can do for your immune system.

    Sleep provides our bodies with the energy to reinforce our defenses and make it easier for our white blood cells to fight off an infection. It not only reduces your symptoms earlier on, but it also keeps them from hindering your daily activities.

    So if you’re beginning to feel drained and think you might be starting to get sick, try to take some extra time to sleep and rejuvenate yourself.

    Pack Your Diet With Nutrients

    Make sure, as well, that you’re eating a bit better than you typically would during this time. A busy college lifestyle makes it easy to resort to the fastest—and, often, unhealthiest—meal options.

    If you want to protect yourself from getting sick, you need to supply your body with the tools to do so. Vitamin C, calcium, vitamin D, and iron are all essential components for these efforts, so try to eat more fruits and vegetables, in particular.

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    Take Immune Boosters

    Another way to stop a cold before it starts is to take over-the-counter immune boosters. Though the above methods are very effective at giving your immune system a fighting chance, these steps can still only do so much. For this reason, it never hurts to give yourself an extra advantage.

    Immune boosters contain all the vitamins and minerals you could get from your food. As such, they’re an easy way to work these healthier ingredients into your existing routine.

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