Tips To Avoid Getting Sick In College

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  • When you attend college, you do not want to waste time being sick.  Some tips can help you stay healthy throughout the school year. 

    Eating Right Can Help You Maintain Your Health

    A college student’s life is very busy.  When you have classes, extracurricular activities, and new friends, you may be tempted to skip meals, or try to manage on a less-than-adequate diet.  These habits can sabotage your health, and lead to a higher risk of colds and other minor illnesses.

    Regardless of how busy you are, you can fit three meals per day into your schedule.  They do not need to be large meals, but they do have to be nutritious.  Make sure you have plenty of vegetables and fruit, dairy products, grains and protein every day.  When you choose healthy foods for your meals, it can reduce the desire to snack throughout the day.  It can also eliminate unhealthy binge-eating.

    When you do feel the need to have snacks, it does not have to be high-calorie, high-fat products.  You can carry a piece of fruit or a small bag of nuts in your backpack.  Instead of soda-pop, drink juice, milk, or fresh water.  Not only are these choices healthy, they will not result in gaining weight. 

    You Should Exercise Every Day

    When you are in college, you may not have time for a formal exercise program.  While visiting the gym on a regular basis can mean time and money that you cannot spare, you can make exercise a part of your everyday life at college.

    An easy way to exercise is to avoid driving and taking the bus whenever possible.  Walking, jogging, and riding your bicycle are healthy forms of transportation.  Whether you are traveling around the college campus, doing errands in the city, or going someplace to meet friends, choose one of these options.  There is no easier way to enjoy healthy exercise, and it costs nothing.

    There are other ways to exercise at college, too.  You can find time in your schedule to participate in a sport, or join a class.  From structured sports such as swimming and softball, to yoga and dance classes, you will find healthy exercise can be fun.

    Consider The Weather Conditions At College

    College life can be fast-paced, with little time to plan ahead.  This does not have to result in unnecessary illness.  When the temperatures drop, and in inclement weather, make sure you are dressed appropriately whenever you are outdoors.  You may love your summer clothing, but wearing warm-weather styles during the winter can lower your resistance to illness. 

    Your dorm room or apartment and your car should also reflect seasonal changes.  Drafts from open windows, or windows that do not close properly, can undermine your health.  Keep your windows closed when it is cold, raining, or snowing.

    Make Health A Priority When You Are In College

    As a college student, you may think there is no reason to visit a doctor unless you are ill.  This is not the best approach.  A better approach to good health during your college years is to see a health care provider on a regular basis.  From making sure your immunizations are up to date, to basic examinations, many health problems can be avoided.  If you do not have a health care provider, you can find one near your campus. 

    When you are healthy throughout your college years, you may have fewer health problems in the future.  It is also the way to avoid missing essential parts of the college experience.  You can gain the most from your education, and have fun with your friends, when you stay healthy.

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    Sarah Daren is a writer who creates informative articles relating to the field of health. In this article, she offers health tips to students and aims to encourage further study with a health information management bachelor degree.

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