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  • Even for a person skilled with words, one of the hardest things to do is to learn a new language. You have to immerse yourself in the culture and understand the different sounds and accents associated with it before you are able to learn how to speak the language fluently. Although most learners in college use books while studying a language, there are a number of very useful study aids that one can make use of. These come in the form of different applications and they include Translate Now, Google translate, Babbel and Transparent language.

    Translate Now

    Translate Now is one of four tools found in Foreignword, and it enables access to translators which cover numerous languages including Spanish. With the aid of this tool, a learner can increase their Spanish comprehension, access 265 dictionaries and find many language links in the course of their learning. Translate Now can be used by college language learners to find Spanish language links. For someone looking for an easy to use tool with a simple structure, this is the tool to go for.

    Google Translate

    With the millions of documents on Google, the Google search engine is considered a huge resource for Spanish language learners in college. Google translate particularly provides great feedback which students can use to make their text lexically appropriate. This application uses a statistical machine translation in that the computer in itself is not taught the language grammar or vocabulary; rather, it is fed using a database that has been worked on by humans. This makes it very suitable for tasks such as translating a word based on a specified context; hence, the more information provided about the context, the more effective the translation will be.


    Babbel is also a very ideal tool in studying the Spanish Language. Through this application, you will find about 2000 words divided into several topics ranging from food and drink, to environment, society and politics. Some of the subcategories you will find under society include relationships, social life, family and couples, and as you move further ahead, you will come across complex games with a smaller number of English based clues. This plays a great role towards helping a learner understand how to use words in more complex sentences and paragraphs. With its well laid out and simple structure, this tool is user-friendly – meaning you will encounter very few distractions if any during the course of your learning.

    Transparent Language

    Transparent Language is a valuable yet inexpensive tool, thus, it’s an ideal option for students in college who want to learn Spanish fast while still keeping things enjoyable. The software has a number of free resources including games, blogs, articles, language software and teaching communities that can play a big part in enhancing language skills. Thanks to such features, the tool can help any learner master Spanish quickly. One can also opt to get live instruction when using Transparent Language. Some of the other tools that one can go for to sharpen their language skills include Busuu apps, Digital Dialects, Open Culture and Lingro.

    In the recent past, studying a foreign language was a pastime for most individuals. However, the world has turned out to be increasingly interdependent and it has now become a necessity to move away from monolingualism. Still, in learning the Spanish language, the success achieved is very much dependent on the person’s individual ability and the amount of effort put into the learning. The best part about it though is that it exposes the learner to viewpoints that are only connected to that particular culture and provides you great opportunities for career advancement.

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    Fred Johnson writes in the field of education and language. This article offers tools for secondary language study, such Spanish Teaching Resources.

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