Studying Game Development? Check Out These Tips for Launching Your Own Work

studying game development

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  • Are you studying game development?

    With the average beginning game designer making just over $60,000 per year, you’re preparing for a rewarding and lucrative career that offers lots of flexibility.

    Many new designers seek employment with a development company, but that’s not the only route to success. Producing games as an indie developer is an increasingly popular option for fresh graduates.

    Here are four tips to check out if you’re considering launching your own work.

    Secure Funding

    Crowdsourcing is one of the best ways to get upfront funding for a new game. You can use services like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Fig to seek patrons who support your work in exchange for a copy of the finished game.

    Remember to keep best practices crowdfunding in mind. Start with a well-defined goal, maintain good relations with your patrons and follow through with the final product.

    Have a Pre-launch Strategy

    You only get one chance to launch your game, so take advantage of the weeks before your launch to build excitement and get the word out.

    Live streaming your development sessions is a great way to build excitement and give your patrons a view of the process.

    Remember to talk and interact with the audience and demonstrate gameplay. Other strategies for a pre-launch include blogging, advertisement and sending out early review copies.

    Choose Your Selling Platforms

    The most important decision to make before launching your game is where you plan to sell it. You can distribute your game on popular platforms like Steam, but it’s easy to get lost in the crowd among the thousands of other games for sale. A more effective strategy is to set up your own website and sell your game directly or link to it on another platform.

    Advertise and Seek Press Opportunities

    Customers can’t buy your game if they don’t know about it, so spreading the word is essential to your success. Targeted ads on social media offer a lot of bang for your buck. You can also seek free press by requesting reviews from popular bloggers and distributing press releases to news outlets.

    other valuable tips:

    Most developers don’t find success with their first game, so don’t give up if your launch is unsuccessful. The important thing is to learn and grow with each new launch. Keep thorough records throughout every step of the process to help you understand what’s working and what isn’t. Don’t be afraid to experiment with innovative or unconventional ideas when you’re just starting out.

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