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Suggested Contents for Writing a PhD Dissertation

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  • Thesis is structured by the requirements, procedures and timelines of student’s program. Writing an effective dissertation is not an easy task; it requires good writing skills, ability of conducting research and practically organizes your research paper. These guidelines and practical advice assist you in writing your research paper in a more efficient way. It includes the suggested structure for the research paper and a way of organizing, structuring and dividing the huge task of the paper.

    Following is the most suggested thesis structure:

    • Title page
    • Abstract
    • Acknowledgments
    • Table of contents
    • Introduction
    • Literature review
    • Middle chapter
      • Materials and Methods
      • Theory
      • Results and discussion
    • Final chapter, references and appendices
      • Conclusions and suggestions for further work
      • References
      • Appendices

    Getting Started:

    Thesis writing is considered a ling ad difficult task in the beginning. If you start with the well organized structure then it would be the result of satisfaction and enjoyment for you at the end. It can improve your technical writing skills as well. There are some simple and convenient ways of starting and writing your dissertation.

    a) First make up a thesis outline:
    Thesis contains many chapters, headings and subheading. You have to make an outline of each chapter and section then you will get a complete list of things to be explained or reported. Once you have an outline, discuss it with your supervisor for getting feedback and helpful suggestions.

    b) Organize your paper:
    make a filing system for your paper. You can open a word processor file for each chapter and put notes in these files. You can attach it in the email or can send to yourself as well, for the file protection. You also make a physical filing system that contains all sorts of notes, references and other useful materials. Stick them in that folder and put all these in a box or filing cabinet. 

    c) Make a timetable:
    it is the most important thing that you have to make a time schedule for writing your thesis. You also make a chart of schedule and items that have to be finished in a particular time. It would be great near the end and you will find that there will be minimum loose ends here and there.

    d) Style:
    thesis text has to be very clear and understandable. Use good grammar and thought full writing that will make the thesis easier to read. The use of short, simple words and phrase are better than the long ones. It is more useful to present any information or argument as a series of numbers and points instead of long paragraphs. Your thesis has to be associated and should have convincing arguments and use excellent and widely preferred style of referencing.

    e) Thesis Presentation:
    You have to focus more on the content of the thesis rather than the appearance. Generally students spent a lot of their time on diagrams that should be spent on examining the arguments. Make the explanation more clear and think about the significance, and keep checking of the errors. There is no need to leave big gaps to make the thesis ticker. Most readers do not appreciate the large amounts of unnecessary text.

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