Degrees That Are Worth The Extra Money

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  • Many degrees require four-year curricula and significant tuition and fees. However, the prospects for jobs and careers may disappoint graduates and require further education or revised career choices. The following are among many degree fields that offer excellent prospects for jobs and careers.

    Meeting Global Markets

    Marketing degrees should pay dividends with many high paying employment opportunities in corporate management. The economic globalization has created new demands for knowledge and skills in marketing. No longer confined to boundaries, the marketplace for nearly every product or service extends to the reaches of the Internet. Marketing and new media have caused a leaner, more flexible business model with a central focus on meeting the needs of the customer.

    Computer Science Studies

    Computer Science is part of the still expanding movement towards global communications. Demands grow for computer-based devices with greater power and smaller size. Further trends continue to integrate computer technology into other parts of the man-made environment including machines, tools, homes, and buildings. A degree in Computer Science is a great investment, the government statistics predict 20 percent growth in this field from 2010 and beyond.

    Finance Is an Advantage

    Finance is an area of importance that will likely grow as more of the U.S. economy turns towards investments as sources of income and capital growth. There will be greater demands for occupations related directly to finance such as brokers and banking, but also for management, law, and government positions.

    Advanced Study in Federal Defense

    Some specialized areas of law show unique opportunity based on need. Court decisions and changes in federal law have demonstrated a need for lawyers with advanced trial advocacy degrees in federal criminal defense. The keys to trial advocacy education are hands-on training and closely supervised instruction in real-world situations. An ideal location is a busy federal district where the government conducts large numbers of complex federal cases. To meet the intense challenges of modern federal defense, the LLM curricula must be taught by experienced defense practitioners, and provide clinical work with local criminal defense organizations. The expansion of federal defense to complex financial areas portends sharp demands for these valuable skills.

    Degree Choices Matter

    All degrees have some element of costs, and some have a great potential to repay the investment. Research into career potential is a helpful step. For those seeking to jump-start or build a career, degree choices matter a great deal.

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