Student Solutions: How To Stay Productive At College And Avoid Distractions

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  • Going to college can be overwhelming. You are on your own, making important decisions, studying and trying to have a social life. How do you stay productive amid new distractions? Here are some pointers:

    Establish a Routine

    Plot out your class and, if applicable, your work schedule. Identify stretches of free time and plan how they can be best used. With a calendar or other visual reminder, block in your schedule and mark important dates such as exams and when assignments are due. Try to study at the same time each day or take care of laundry on a certain day each week. While it can be difficult, a routine will help you stay on track on get things done quicker.

    Identify Resources

    Find the library, the tutoring center, student services offices, counseling and health services offices. Keep a list of locations and phone numbers. When you are in distress is not the time to have to locate a clinic or a tutor. Do not be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

    Keep Your Dorm Organized

    Dorm rooms are small. Even so, divide space into functions like studying, relaxing, sleeping, and storage. If possible, avoid overlap. Keep study materials out of the sleeping area. Decide what organization method works best for you and use it: written labels, colored folders, storage bins, or open shelves. Plastic bins for storage is one easy solution to keep everything organized and easy to find. If clutter is a distraction, find ways to put everything away when not in use.

    Focus on Your Goals

    Keep in mind what you want to achieve and establish both short-term and long-term goals. Write them down and post on a wall or someplace where they can be seen. Remember to re-evaluate them as often as necessary. Ask yourself, will this person, activity or circumstance help me to achieve my goals? If not, give it a pass. Avoid time wasters, which can include people as well as things.

    Take Breaks to Avoid Burnout

    Learning is hard work and you will need to give yourself time off occasionally. However, engage in activities that are beneficial and do not distract you from the larger purpose of being in college, to learn. Try to take a day off or a couple hours off every few days to give yourself time to watch TV, do something with friends or more without feeling guilty.

    Do Not Give In to Negative Peer Pressure

    In most aspects, you are now considered an adult. Act like one and do not do anything that you feel is wrong just because someone else wants you to. Be your own person, stand on your own two feet and run your own life

    You are in college for a very particular purpose, which is an education that will open up life and opportunities for you. Let nothing get in your way, and you will surely succeed.

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