4 Summer Jobs that Give Valuable Industry Experience

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  • It is the summer: a time when students are looking to get their feet wet by learning some relevant job skills that could, in some conceivable way, be meaningful to the kind of career they would eventually like to have.

    With a little college under their belts, these students may think that now is as good a time as any to see if their limited education can pay off in a meaningful way.

    While it would be nice to earn some decent money, students are not necessarily intending to stay with their summer job long term. So, here are a few job ideas that might be useful to their future career goals.

    Customer Service

    The thought of waiting on other people’s needs has often seemed to be something of a low end job skill for many college students. Yet, the truth is that early job opportunities which teach them customer service skills are essential to everyone interested in rising up the corporate ladder.

    No matter how important of a position a person holds in a company, the secret to real employment success centers around an employee’s ability to handle the needs of customers in a proper manner. It is essential that students realize the value of keeping loyal customers happy and how important this is to the operational longevity of any company for which they seek employment.

    Restaurant Management

    If a student has any interest in being more than a grunt worker struggling for their pay, then it is essential to get management experience. Fortunately, a student with basic accounting, scheduling and payroll skills can pretty much qualify for a position as a restaurant manager.

    Sure, there may be other skills they will learn along the way, like conflict resolution and how to keep other subordinate employees in line tactfully, but for the most part a position as a restaurant manager is going to give a student their first taste into the financial and administrative sides of running a business.

    General Laborer

    For students who were not born to sit behind a desk, there are a vast number of general labor jobs available in the marketplace. Working in general labor can give you valuable experience and work hours that can count towards a certification for contractor work. For those students working in a trade school or considering trade careers, those hours can add up quickly over the summer and help pay for tuition costs.

    Marketing Intern

    If there is one skill that all students should get experience in, it is the process of successfully marketing a brand. A job as a marketing intern is rewarding in many ways—especially for those students who see themselves as becoming business owners at some point in the future. The reason is because so few startup companies have a solid grip on how to best market their brand in a competitive way. This is a primary reason behind why 14-percent of companies fail in their first few years of barely doing business. Plus, good marketing skills will help students to market themselves in innovative ways to acquire better paying jobs down the road.

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    Being the Go-Getter

    This summer students will be filling out applications, writing cover letters and sending off their resume to a lot of potential employers. For some of these students, this will be the first real job they have ever been hired to do. They might feel a bit intimidated by the process, but most students will learn that this is just the normal routine that helps them get their foot in the door and one step closer to the kind of career they hope to someday acquire.

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