How to Survive Your First Stressful Semester in College

first stressful semester

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  • College is the most exciting place to study, especially if you’re a new student.

    But it can be stressful as well. Especially in your first-semester.

    Whether you’re going to study in Stanford university, or an Ivy League university, the first semester is the most stressful of all.

    Yes, it is stressful to study for the first term. But no worries. You just need to be prepared, especially if you’re a new student who will have new classmates too.

    Here are the most helpful tips to start your path to success in college.

    College Life

    Do you feel overwhelmed when you don’t have friends to talk to? No worries, every student feels that way too.

    Now that you are already in college and you feel overwhelmed from having a new schedule, new instructors and new classmates, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Be sure to eat at the right time and get more rest to avoid stress.

    Also visit the career centers, they have a lot of opportunities that you probably don’t know about. This will help you stay motivated to study when you already know what career you have in mind in the future.

    Don’t forget to have fun too. Studying is important, but you need to give some time for yourself. Having friends, exercising, watching movies, or joining college campus clubs, do what make you feel happy. Remember it’s all about balance.

    Be organized

    This is the most fun time for every college student. Your parents aren’t telling you what to do. But this can be affect your studies as well, because you have to be responsible for it.

    To keep your homework organized is to get yourself into the habit of keeping a “To – Do” list.

    • Get a big wall calendar or a master calendar.
    • Track all your assignments.
    • Use a binder or notebook to track all the important papers.
    • Use color coding for your stuff.
    • Keep your bag organized.
    • Use a whiteboard.

    That way you know where everything important goes and the to-do list will help you stay organized, especially when the semester starts. This will help reduce stress.

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    College can be stressful especially if you are a new student. But no worries, other new students feel the same as you do. If you are feeling down then visit a career center near your campus to know what opportunities await you. This will help motivate you to study. Now you’ve learned all the basic ways to avoid stress. I hope this will help you.

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