Surviving Finals – 7 Tips to Keep You From Losing Your Cool During Finals Week

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  • The weighted grades of final projects and exams have the potential to make or break us. That’s why things can get pretty tense around this time. Trying to mentally and physically prepare for it all can become quite stressful. Well, here are seven tips that will help you keep your cool and get you ready for the dreaded finals week ahead.

    Take Good Notes

    This is a tip you need to adhere to at the beginning of the semester—it won’t do you any good to start taking notes the week before finals. Arrange your notes in a clear cut way such as an outline. If you don’t have the best note taking skills, buddy up with someone who does. Having organized notes will allow you to have all the important information at hand and will be less time consuming than undergoing major page flipping.

    Avoid Cramming

    Make the night before finals a time for reviewing and not a cram session. Avoid last minute cramming by setting aside certain times each day dedicated just for studying. Let friends and family know about your study schedule ahead of time so you won’t get distracted by spontaneous calls or invites. Unless you make a schedule beforehand, you will be scrambling during finals week trying to find time to study.

    Get Proper Rest

    The worst thing you can do is be sleep deprived on test day. Pulling all-nighters won’t do any good if you end up lacking energy or can’t concentrate. So give yourself much needed rest. Getting at least six hours of sleep will help to retain information and make this week less hectic. You can even make time to take mini power naps during finals week that will keep you going. Staying on a good sleep schedule will allow you to stay focused throughout the week and will help you remember everything you have studied when you’re in the test.

    Take Breaks

    It’s good to be focused, but don’t overdo it. Take small breaks during your study time. Go stretch, get some fresh air or call a friend. You may risk burning yourself out if you don’t. Once again, make sure you don’t give in to constant distractions, but if you study for too long without a break, it won’t be as effective. Taking little breaks throughout the day will allow you to fully focus on the task at hand, and not go crazy from being cooped up and only thinking about math, science or english.

    Plan to Treat Yourself

    Give yourself something to look forward to when finals are finally over. It could be as simple as an outing with friends, a meal at your favorite restaurant, or just a lazy Saturday of watching a movie. It’ll give you extra motivation and more peace. Plus, you deserve it. If you need more motivation during the week, you can make up little rewards for yourself. For example, you can get mini-candy bars and allow yourself to have a treat after each subject that you study. Or, for every hour you study, you can watch 5 minutes of funny You-Tube videos. Giving yourself little rewards along the way will help you stay motivated throughout the week.

    Save Your Work

    It’s so unfortunate, but the computer tends to freeze at the most inconvenient times. Escape these technical disasters by finalizing your work ahead of time and having multiple digital copies. Save it to your desktop, thumb drive and e-mail it to yourself. You’ll save yourself a lot of heartache by being prepared for the worst.

    Eat Right

    Don’t starve yourself. You’ll need plenty of brain food that’ll help you stay focus and won’t make you feel sluggish. Sometimes when we are stressed or busy, we eat less. However, if your body and brain is under stress, not eating will only make matters worse. Keep snacks on hand for studying and make sure you eat solid meals while you take breaks throughout the day.

    The pressure is on during finals week. You’re working hard to get that B or A you’ve been striving for. These tips will make studying for finals will feel more relaxed. The biggest thing you can do to help yourself keep cool during finals week is to be prepared and make a plan of attack beforehand. Creating a study schedule, being prepared with snacks, and blocking out time to take breaks will reduce the stress you might feel on both your brain and body. If you’re prepared, nothing can stop you from conquering finals week!

    AUTHOR BIO: This article was written by Dixie Somers, a freelance writer who loves to write for business, finance, women’s interests, and technology. Dixie lives in Arizona with her husband and three beautiful daughters. Information for this article was provided by the education professionals of Adventist University of Health Sciences, a university that offers RN to BSN degrees online.

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